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1: Promote appetite, promote growth, strengthen hair follicle development, litter, thick, and improve the flatness of fur. Improve daily weight gain. Improve feed conversion rate, save feed, and reduce costs.
2: This product contains a variety of pure green mold toxin adsorbents and fire extinguishing agents, which can sufficiently clear the harmful substances in the intestines to enhance immunity.
3: This product is aimed at the low quality of male rabbits, small sperm survival, and is not strong. The long-term use improvement effect is obvious. Consultation QQ: 2627108897

4: Long-term continuous use of this product is not obvious for the estrus of the female rabbit, low in pregnancy, and the problem of less productive improvement is obvious.
5: The growth rate of fattening rabbits is accelerated, the production cycle is shortened, and the column is 15-20 days in advance.
6: Supporting lactic acid bacteria ecological balance liquid, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of female rabbit breastitis and young rabbit yellow urine.

Special Tip: The rabbit cooperatives and large and medium-sized rabbit plants in rabbit nanny market feedback: rabbit moingship caused by rabbit coccidia, pulse, explosive death, Wei’s Clostridium, E. coli caused by the acute dysentery, and deaths have special effects. The death caused by the poor disease in the body of rabbits, and the decline in fur feeding can be effectively controlled and prevented. The use of rabbit gym premixed, two months can prevent the occurrence of 疥 疥 病, if the rabbit plant has a large area of ​​death, use this product for three days, and stop death in seven days, absolutely reliable. Source: Tubaomu factory direct phone: 0374-8136766 WeChat: 18236420397

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