On March 9, 17

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The latest rabbit procurement

The following market information is sold, the buyer, and the network quote information is organized, the price is for reference only, please sell more comparison, so as not to cause unnecessary losses At the same time, welcome the rabbit friends to report to local prices below, help more raising rabbits to understand market information.

Rabbit hair price

The price of rabbit hair has a significant trend, although it is not large, this is still good news for the majority of long haunt rabbit breeding friends! Yesterday, the transaction price of Henan Mengzhou area was between 69-70, and 70-80 days of hail, which rose slightly compared with the same period last week. Shandong Mengyin area offer 70-71 yuan / kg, 70 days of hail, up 1-2 yuan compared to the price of the previous day. At present, the rabbit price trend is dominated by a small increase, and the stock is not a long time. For a large amount of memory, it is recommended to be cautious. Although it is slightly rising, long-term large amounts of laur is greater.

Meat rabbit price

The days of the meat rabbit breeding friend can be said to be divided, the market is large, the market is 5.6-5.7 yuan / kg, the acquisition is 4.5 pounds, and last week The same period is basically the same, and there are purchases in Weifang, Shandong Province, the purchasers are 5.2-5.3 yuan, the difference is large, the price of meat rabbits in Henan is 5 pounds, the price of 6.3 yuan / kg, Anhui region is not big, report 6.1 yuan / kg, all heavy 5 pounds. It can be apparent from the quotation information that the price of meat rabbits can be said to fall into the bottom of the valley, and it is expected that the increase in rising will not be too large in the short term.

rabbit price

Shandong Linyi 獭 rabbit price reported to 9.5 yuan, weight 5 kg, the price is 10.5 yuan / kg, the price is not large, the price of the previous quotation is not large, the rabbit quotation in Anyang, Henan is 4.5 Ki, the offer is 8.2 yuan / kg, the price of rex rabbits is not bigger than the previous day.

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