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Hualong Network December 22:00, (Reporter I wish) I can buy Australia’s import of fresh beef at home, and the price is cheaper than domestic beef, such a good thing you believe? Today (22), my country’s first batch of imported fresh meat has arrived in Chongqing Port through Haijiang Intervarks. The batch of fresh agricultural products are fresh beef from Australia, with an overall capacity of a container, with a total weight of 13 tons. On November 26, it passed from the Pacific container sea boat, starting from the Harbor of the Australian Brisbane, arrived in Shanghai’s foreign high-bridge unloading on December 6, and then changed the river wheel along the Yangtze River in the Yangtze River “From Shanghai to the imported meat designated port of Chongqing two-way beach bonded port area. According to reports, the imported fresh beef will be about 10% lower than domestic beef.
1 container shipping cost is about 10% less than domestic beef than domestic beef
This sea river intermodal isna, which is both a fresh agricultural product imported from the Jianghai intermodal model. It is also the establishment of Chongqing Port and Since the Three Gorges Raiders, the first batch of fresh agricultural products imported from the Jianghai intermodal model. This is an important breakthrough in the field of import and export and logistics. Through pattern innovation, it has greatly expanded the circulation function of Chongqing Port, enriches the transportation channels of goods, which will increase the timeliness of import and export trade, and significantly reduce the related transportation costs.
According to the importers of the batch of fresh beef – Chairman of Australia, Chairman Gu Qi, this time, the cost of freight costs of container Jianghai, less than half of the air transport. Australian Niu Yibeef plans to come down through the Chongqing Port of 100,000 Australia live cattle, if all by air transportation to the Jianghai transport, will save up to nearly 100 million yuan of logistics costs. The cost is reduced, and sales prices will naturally decrease. According to reports, this batch of fresh beef will be about 10% lower than domestic beef.
Changjiang Gold Waterway transportation advantage further highlights the batch of fresh beef freight is less than one month
Now the customs and inspection and quarantine departments will no longer separately, only one declaration, one check, can complete the customs clearance. The reporter wishes
and in terms of transportation time, the total amount of fresh beef freight is less than one month, and the whole process passes zero to zero 2 degrees Celsius and transportation, fully satisfying fresh beef’s preservation requirements (zero to zero 2 degrees Celsius Fresh fresh 120 days).
The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commercial Committee said that the way in the pastFor a long time, it is mainly subject to the influence of the Earth and the Three Gorges navigation capacity, and the customs clearance process is required. Taking the ordinary cargo issued by Australia as an example, it usually takes more than 50 days to arrive in Chongqing. After the customs, the inspection and quarantine supervision is released, it usually takes about 60 days. Therefore, although the cost of freight in the Yangtze River Gold Waterway is much lower than air, there is a much lower amount of goods represented by fresh agricultural products, usually without considering the use of water transport.
According to Xinhua News Agency, at present, the Yangtze River and the Three Gorges navigation capacity and supporting facilities are greatly improved than in the past. In the upstream, the second phase of the 12.5-meter deep water channel below the Yangtze River will realize the initial direction of the initial passage, 12.5 meters deep water channels are initially penetrated into Nanjing, and Nanjing to the Yangtze River can be sailed by 50,000 tons and above ships; in the middle, last year In December, Jingjiang Waterway Renovation Project was completed 3 months in advance, entered a period of one year, and the “bottleneck” in the middle of the middle tour is initially opened; in the upstream, Chongqing to Yibin water level improvement has made breakthrough progress, launched the flame 碛 segment Project has successively carried out a group of remediation projects.
In addition, the investment of the Three Gorges lifting machine allows 3,000 tons of ships to quickly pass through the dam through “sitting on the elevator”, further shortening the navigation time of the golden waterway.
This “Haijiang Intermodal” fresh beef is through practical attempts, further excavation and verifies the current Yangtze River Gold Waterway, highlighting in various types, diversified cargo transportation. It turns out that the Yangtze River Gold Waterway has been fully qualified for cargo transportation, and its low cost, high-volume transportation advantages will also be further highlighted. It can be expected that fresh agricultural products and other high-time efficient goods, through the Haijiang Intervarks, the future transportation, the future will become a normal mode in the future.
Customs inspection and quarantine in-depth practice “three one” Chongqing port import none no longer separately, the Chongqing Customs and Chongqing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau launched the import of fresh products “once declaration, one inspection, one release “(Abbreviation” three one “) joint customs clearance mechanism. After arriving in the two-way bonded port from the fresh beef imported by Australia, the Australian Bao Yibeef arrived in two roads. It took only 2 hours to pass the inspection, and became the first batch of imported fresh products that have been released since the launch of the joint inspection mechanism.
“In the pastAfter walking, these procedures are less than two or three days, more than one week. “The relevant person in charge of Australian Kiu Yibeef said that fresh products are highly required, and the current joint customs clearance mechanism saves a lot of time and cash costs for him.
Chongqing two roads inch the beach bonded port area entry and exit Introduction to the Secretary for Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, now the customs and inspection and quarantine departments are no longer separated, only one declaration, one check, can complete the customs clearance.
According to the introduction, the relevant inspection cooperation “once declaration, once, release” It is an important part of the International Trade “Single Window”. Among them, “one declaration” is “one entry, separate declaration”, which requires only one-time goods that need to be inspected according to law, and enterprises only need one-time entry-inspection declaration data. You can complete the inspection and customs declaration, “once inspected”, “one time to open the box, according to law”, the relevant inspection, the goods are sent to the public information service platform by electronic port, the platform for information comparison, for the relevant information The same batch of goods requested, inform the customs, according to the principle of “one-time, once the box” principle, according to the respective inspection regulations, the test work is required; “once released” information network, check and nuclear “, check The two sides will send the goods to the public information service platform by electronic port. Enterprises handle the formalities to the port business unit according to the release information of both parties.
In order to realize the port management department “information exchange, supervision and mutual recognition, law enforcement assishes”, In cooperation, Chongqing Customs and Chongqing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau strive to promote the integration of inspection venues, facilities and operation mode. The two sides jointly developed the “one inspection” information platform. The port department can synchronize the inspection information through the platform, timely container movement Work. By realizing information collaboration, customs, inspection and quarantine and related units will ensure the smooth implementation of the “three” joint customs clearance mechanisms.

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