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Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Guangxi introduced 59 Mediterranean milk buffalo from Australia in 2014. After isolating quarantine, we will settle in Nanning. Today, this cattle has adapted to the Guangxi climate environment, producing 40 purebred planted sea buffalo, can squeeze hundreds of kilograms of water milk every day.

On the 17th, the authoritative buffalo research unit and the experts in the district jointly developed the prospects for the development of the Guangxi water milk dairy products, and it is also known as the Nanning citizens to drink high quality water milk in the near future. According to Shidshun, Dean of Guangxi University of Animal Science and Technology, the Mediterranean milk buffalo is originally produced in Italy, and it is the world famous high-grade milk cattle variety, with short growth cycle, large milk production, and strong reproductive ability. This successful introduction of living milk buffalo will greatly improve the degree of good breeding in our district, and to a certain extent, and radiate the upgrade of milk cow breed throughout Guangxi.

The body of the Mediterranean milk buffalo is slightly smaller than ordinary buffalo. Every cow is hanging on the “identity number” of two numbers, parents, age, weight, production milk. All information to go, will record it. Once the problem occurs, the milk source can be traced back.

Zhao Hongtao, a chairman of the Guangxi Hua Tuen Buffalo Book Co., Ltd., Is generally stocked in the pasture in Australia. After coming to Nanning, I didn’t adapt to the life of the circle. After two years of careful management, 59 milk buffalo gradually adapted and started breeding and mass production of water cows.

“The milk taste fragrant is strong, rich in nutrients and active materials rich in human body. The deep processing of high-quality dairy products is a high-quality milk rich, comprehensive and digestive absorption rate. 1 The kilogram milk is equivalent to 1.5-1.8 kg Huttan milk nutrition. The amount of milk solids, protein, calcium, etc. also exceeds Hostan Milk. “Zeng Qingkun, deputy director of Guangxi Buffalo Research Institute.

The water drip industry has developed into an advantageous and distinctive emerging industries in Guangxi. However, Guangxi currently owned India Masel, Pakistani, Lafite Buffalo, from 1957 and 1974, existence of lack of milk cows, decline in milk performance, affecting the speed of Guangxi milk aquad hybrid improvement This time, the living mediterranean milk buffalo introduced by Australia, the variety of improved Guangxi buffalo,Improve the quality and quantity of water milk has a great promotion, and also proposes to change the uneven pattern of Nangui Dairy in the country, and crack the “Northern Tortang” dilemma played a role.

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