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China’s Economic Trend Research Institute and the National Bureau of Economic Sports, China Economic Sports Monitoring Center, issued, China Agricultural Economic Sports Index, China Agricultural Economic Sports Index, 2016, 1 to 3rd my country Yuan, animal husbandry is 2198.53 billion yuan. From the beginning of the meat poultry production, the first three quarters, the pig’s sheep poultry meat production is 58.33 million tons, down 1.1% year-on-year, the decline is 0.2 percentage points in the second quarter; where the pork production is 36.9 million tons, the decrease is 3.6%, the decline is more than the second quarter. Narrow 0.3 percentage points. The pig house is 431.63 million, and the ran is 47.924 million, which reduces 3.4% and 3.7% year-on-year, and the decline is 0.3 and 0.7 percentage points in the second quarter.
In 2016, my country’s livestock and industry maintained steady and advanced development trend , The grassland protection policy system is getting more and more perfect, and the grassland ecology is accelerating recovery.
The animal husbandry is stable, and
“is generally seen. my country’s livestock industry has formed a relatively adequate production capacity, forming a vibrant development mechanism, forming a stable and controllable quality and safety system, forming more complete The grassland policy system has laid a solid foundation for the construction of modern animal husbandry. The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture said to the “Economic Daily” reporter.
“Steady”, mainly producing stable, stable quality, steady ecology.
The National Bureau of Statistics shows that, in the current, Chinese meat and egg production have grown first in the world, and the milk production ranks third. In 2015, the total number of meat produced in the national meat was 86.25 million tons, and the poultry egg was 37.55 million tons, and the average annual increase of 1.7%, 1.7%, 1%, and the per capita of meat eggs exceeded the world average. The quality monitoring of animal products is 99.4%, and “lean meat” monitoring pass rate is 99.9%, and the test rate of illegal additives such as melamine is maintained at 100% for 7 consecutive years. The production capacity and conditions of high quality safety livestock products are further improved. The total number of fresh grass in natural grasslands is 1028 billion tons. It has kept more than 1 billion tons for 5 consecutive years. The grassland comprehensive vegetation coverage has reached 54%, and the average livestock overload rate of the natural grassland has maintained 20% for 3 consecutive years. The grassland ecology is stable and good. momentum.
“Excellent”, mainly the industry quality, and the market is excellent.
In 2015, the size of livestock and poultry farming reached 54%, and 9 percent of 2010 was increased.Point; the pig size farm is 267,000, an increase of 47,000. The level of industrialization is rapid, and the national animal husbandry industrialized leading enterprises are 583, accounting for 47% of agricultural industrialized leading enterprises; 324,000 professional cooperatives in animal husbandry farmers, accounting for 24.3% of the total. The concentration of feed industry has further improved, and the annual output of more than 1 million tons of feeders reached 32, and the output accounted for 51% of the total production of the country. Industry production efficiency and productivity continue to increase, live pigs on columns to 118 kg, increased by 7 kg from 2010. The average number of piglets provided by a mother-in-one piglet is 15, which is 1.3 over 2010. The average yield of dairy cattle reached 6.5 tons, an increase of 1.5 tons in 2010, with more than 9 tons of high-yield cows, more than 1.5 million.
my country’s livestock industry still needs to adjust structure, adjustment, and adjustment. In 2015, my country’s meat production fell more than 820,000 tons over the previous year, and the output of pork in the meat structure decreased to 63.6%, and the increase in meat production such as poultry and beef and mutton. “One pig’s unique” situation has gradually changed, and the supply of livestock products is increasingly Diversified, diversified. The implementation of regulations such as the “Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Livestock Scale Breeding Pollution”, reversing the animal husbandry to speed up the layout adjustment and optimization, the pig breeding in the southern water network and the gradual region of large-capacity areas. The acceleration of livestock and poultry breeding is accelerated, and the breeding scale is continuous. In 2015, the national pig farmers were reduced by more than 5 million, and the pig household fell to 40 million. Dairy farm (household) is 1.55 million, which is reduced by 32% from 2010.
Prairie governance continued to increase
my country’s grassland area is nearly 6 billion acres, accounting for 40% of the land area. In recent years, the Ministry of Agriculture will continue to promote grassland ecological improvements around “ecological, production, life” and “pastoral, animal husbandry, herders”, continue to promote grassland ecological improvement, and grassland protection policy systems have become increasing.
Since 2011, the country has established a grassland ecological protection subsidy mechanism in 8 major grassland pastoral provinces in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Tibet. At the same time, while protecting the grassland ecological environment, gradually transforming the development of grassland animal husbandry development, promoting the income of herders. In 2011, the central government investment funds were 13.6 billion yuan. In 2012, the policy implementation scope of policy is expanded to all pastoral areas in 5 provinces in Heilongjiang, and the total amount of funds will increase year by year. In the last 5 years, the central government has put into funds 7.7564 billion yuan, and the grassland banned area is 1.233 billion acres.The grassland balance area is 260.5 billion mu, and the animal husbandry subsidy has a subsidy area of ​​120 million mu, and the composition of herders has a comprehensive subsidy of 2.84 million. In 2016, the new round of grassland subsidy policies continued to be implemented in 13 animal provinces, and adjusted the policy measures. Such as improving the banned subsidies and grass balance reward standards, cancel the comprehensive subsidies and pasture subsidies for the production materials of the animal husbandry; increase performance evaluation incentives; adjust the improvement of semi-farm semi-animal husbandry policies, and expand the policy implementation to Hebei The provincial area of ​​the grassland area is large, constructing and strengthening the ecological safety barrier of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integrated development. Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance jointly formulated the “New Round of Grassland Ecological Protection Support Reward Policy Implementation Guidance (2016-2020)”, ensuring that policy funds have been implemented in time to pastors.
In recent years, the Ministry of Agriculture will continue to promote the grassland major projects such as the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments, Beijing-Tianjin Shanyuan Governance, Karst Region Comprehensive Governance and other grassland major projects, and strengthen grassland protection construction projects to implement targeted . For example, the grazing of grassland is seriously governed, and the grazing of the grassland governance project of Beijing-Tianjin Sandyuan grassland, the focus of the grassland governance project in the rock region. Since 2016, further improve the grassland policy, expand the implementation scope, improved central investment standards, black soil beach, and poisonous grass defective grassland governance included in the project implementation scope.
In 2014, the State Council agreed that after more than 10 years of returning farmland has renamed the returning farmland, the forest is also known, and the returning farm is also officially proposed. From 2014 to 2016, the returning farmland task increased year by year, from 3.4% of the total task of returning farmland to forests reached 11.6%, 2016, the returning farmland grazing standard has also increased from 800 yuan / mu to 1000 yuan / mu. In 2016, it promoted the launch of pesticulous integration with the grassland governance project. The central government was investing in basic construction funds of 360 million yuan. In Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia and Xinjiang first govern 2.25 million mu of reclamation grassland. The construction of pasture varieties has been included in the national modern seed industry engineering planning, and accelerate the promotion of the improvement of grassroots industry in my country.
In 2016, the national grassland comprehensive vegetation coverage was 54.6%, and 3.6 percentage points were increased in the early stage of “Twelfth Five”. The total number of fresh grass in natural grasslands in the country is 10.39 tons, an increase of 1.03% year-on-year, and the water is stable in 10 billion tons for 7 consecutive years.Flat, the grassland ecology is always good. The grassland payment policy has averaged 13.93 billion yuan per year to the pastors. The per capita policy income of the herders is nearly 700 yuan, accounting for more than 10% of the per capita net income of herders, has become the main source of herders’ transfer income.
Transformation upgrade needs to break through
With the critical stage of the animal husbandry enters transformation and upgrading, accelerate the promotion of modern animal husbandry construction is also facing more serious challenges. The growth rate of livestock product consumption makes the contradiction between the supply and demand structure of livestock products, the resource environment is constrained to form a huge challenge to traditional farming, and the import of exciting livestock products has put forward urgent requirements for the promotion of domestic animal products. Concerns improvement makes feed and fresh milk quality safety supervision face greater pressure.
Yu Kang Zhen stretched, new stages, urgently need to speed up the transformation of animal husbandry, to create new kinetic energy, to coordinate new environment, expand new space with green, with new development, to share new development Support, persevere, advanced modern animal husbandry construction. He believes that there are 5 aspects: scale breeding, comprehensive use of feces, grain reform, dairy rejuvenation, grassland ecological recovery.
The development of scale breeding leaders transition. It is understood that the Ministry of Agriculture has released the development planning of pigs and herbal animals during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, stabilizing pig production, and vigorously develop herb and animal husbandry. Continue to implement livestock and poultry standardized farming, good breed subsidies, and meat base cow expansion incremental projects, and carry out financial promotion of financial support for animal husbandry pilots. At present, 500 standardized demonstration sites have been created, supporting 852 meat beef sheep standardized scale farms (communities) (communities) of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in Hebei and Tibet.
Grasping the comprehensive utilization of feces to promote green development. At present, the Ministry of Agriculture has launched the pilot management of livestock and poultry aquaculture pollution control in Dongting Lake District in Yueyang County, Hunan, Hubei Province, and Hernshan District, and the integrated management of livestock and poultry pollution. Summarizing the typical model of the comprehensive utilization of livestock and poultry manure, carrying out a comprehensive utilization of livestock and poultry in 10 provinces and districts in Hebei Province, and the whole county promotes effective storage, collecting, processing and comprehensive utilization of all-production chain development.
The combination of grain reform is moved. On the map of my country, Northeast Cool Area, Northern Agriculture and Animal Animal Areas, Northwest Sand Dry Area, Taihang Mountain Road and Southwest Stone Emotional District, the Northeast Stone Encomposition Area – Southwest – Northwest Sickle – shaped Distribution. Here, the corn planting area accounts for three countries.One or so in one. Today, many farmland have been modified in high quality. In recent years, corn prices continue to decline, in order to protect farmers grow, the Ministry of Agriculture expanded the grain reform pilot range to “sickle” and 121 pilot counties in 17 provinces and districts of Huanghuai Sea, guide farmers to change high quality forage 67.79 million mu. Grain reform is a major move to achieve transformation and upgrading in my country.
Focusing on the promotion of the promotion of the dairy industry. Adhere to the kind of grazing, raise the cattle, produce milk, build 500,000 mu of high-yield high-quality alfalfa demonstration base, support 656 milk cow farms (community) to carry out standardized transformation, in 9 main provinces, 17 dairy farming big counties Nourishing the pilot pilot in combination, effectively strengthening the quality and safety of fresh milk quality and safety, promoting the production and efficiency of the product production, transformation and upgrading.
Strengthening protection and construction accelerates grassland ecological recovery. Every year, the central government arranges the grassland payment policy funds 18.76 billion yuan, an increase of 181 billion yuan than the “12th Five-Year Plan”, and the standards of the actions will be increased, and the scope of implementation is further expanded, and the animal animal animal balance will continue to be promoted. The Ministry of Agriculture also organized a pilot pilot of modern grassroots and animal husbandry development and guided accelerating the development of modern grass husbands.

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