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On December 18th, the Minister of the District Committee, the Minister of Propaganda, Tupeng Peijie, the leading youth, the excellent farmers and herdsmen, the university youth, went to Beijing to study and exchange activities successfully. The study exchange organization coordinated in order, and the learning effect is good.

First is precision arrangement. In order to study exchanges in Beijing, the group district committee has done a lot of meticulous preparations. On the basis of serious communication with the Chaoyang District Youth League Committee of Beijing, I choose to have a consistent enterprise in the direction of Youth Farmers and Husbandry people in the Longdeqing District, which is wide and targeted to meet the needs of youth entrepreneurship in all farpover people. I have visited the unbounded space farmhold household project, peace of mind DE Yunxiao Financial Science and Technology Platform Co., Ltd., Tongniu Film Wenchuangyuan, Beijing Migerong People Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., green light and fresh Nanda Orchard and more than ten companies International Innovation Entrepreneurship Expo.

The second is to bind. Through communication with Beijing’s entrepreneurial youth, carefully study the operation mode, market positioning, financing skills, promotion and promotion and enterprise management of each project, and use all the opportunities to find potential cooperation intentions. On this basis, Beijing’s entrepreneurial youth is sincere, follow the good lure, guide the dragon deqing District Net Letter to start a business youth to develop channels, learn to build a corporate framework in many ways, and to circumvent enterprises.

The third is the cultural blending. At the same time, while visiting the Youth Entrepreneurship Expo, the group committee of the Chaoyang District of the Yunyi District is coordinated to communicate, and the journey of the national cultural exchanges is arranged for the Youth of the Longdeqing District Netcom Office. In the trip, at the accompanied by the Chaoyang District Commission, visit the Chaoyang District Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and the Forbidden City, Tiananmen and other cultural education bases.

The fourth is the friendship sublimation. From the docking to welcome, the Beijing Chaoyang District Youth League attaches great importance to the pile youth of the Netcom Office. In the process, both parties give each other with national characteristics, geographical specialty gifts, and establish a WeChat group, establish a long-term communication platform, and continue to deepen Entrepreneurship youth friendship in the two districts.

Through this study exchange, entrepreneurial youth has expressed a good harvest. In future entrepreneurial innovation routes, this study will be converted to the actual actions to promote entrepreneurial innovation, and strive to build a dragon youth innovation entrepreneurial brand. Next, the group district committee will continue to play a good foundation for a long-term cooperation with the aid pair in the future.

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