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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of farming, China’s aquaculture has entered a rapid development, but due to the intensification of farms, high-density feeding, the pathogens of the farm are constantly complex, and these pathogen microorganisms can be appropriate. Popularization of diseases, such as swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, pig blue ear disease, pig ring virus, avian influenza, high temperature, etc., the faster the pathogenic microbial spread is also, once infectious diseases broke out, and then take measures often fail. Will cause serious economic losses.
Since the individual farm does not pay attention to the epidemic prevention, the epidemic prevention concept is weak, it is not willing to invest more in epidemic prevention, etc., after the disease, a large number of cockroaches, resulting in a huge economic loss, the cultural epidemic prevention work should be prevented For the main treatment, the treatment is an important part of the comprehensive prevention of the disease. Through scientific, reasonable, effective disinfection, cut off the spread of infectious diseases, reduce the number of microorganisms of the farm and the pillentant disease, Can reduce or avoid infectious diseases.
The farm is a relatively and complex place in entering and exiting the vehicle. The vehicle has liquidity. The environment is more complicated. The body is often easy to carry a pathogenic microorganism, which is an important way to spread the disease, especially often enter and export. The vehicle is a high risk of infection in disease spread.
Therefore, vehicle disinfection is an important part of the farm epidemic, and it is also the first level of farm epidemic prevention! Now many of the large-scale farm owners have fully realized this, both attach great importance to the disinfection work of entering and out of vehicles, seriously putting this level of epidemic prevention! Provide a powerful guarantee for the safety and efficiency production of the company!
Why does the farm are sterilized to disinfect the vehicle
The range of vehicle disinfection applications is relatively wide, mostly used in the major epidemic, but in the farm, livestock and other health requirements, strict places, Example of disinfection facilities.
Because, in the process of poultry transport, it will pass through a lot of regions, thereby organizing a large number of potential viruses. If you have entered a farm or production workshop, it may cause poultry. Sick or food pollution, bring serious economic losses to the company.
Therefore, vehicle disinfection plays a vital role in the construction of farm disinfection. The environment of the farm restricts the output of livestock, in addition to the geographical factor, the in-situ sanitary environment is also a major factor, if there is a pathogenic microorganism,It is easy to cause the occurrence and epidemic of aquaculture disease.
And disinfection can make the health conditions of the farm, doing internal environmental control, and use vehicle disinfection channels to control the introduction of pathogens, reduce or prevent pathogenic microorganisms from passing into the farm, prevent diseases It happened that a good environment has created a good environment to ensure production safety. Vehicle disinfection is generally in an import and export in the farm and disinfecting all access and exiting vehicles.
At present, the domestic vehicle disinfection is in the form of spray disinfection. After the disinfectant is configured, the solution is sprayed by spraying, so that it forms a range of disinfectant space, which is a full-scale disinfection therein. Eliminate the pathogens that may carry, protect livestock in the farm. It is necessary to use the vehicle disinfection channel.
Since the environment in the farm is important to animals, people will pay attention to the sanitary conditions in the field, but the impact on the external environment is ignored, especially the entry and exit vehicles. If these transport vehicles do not pay attention to cleaning, they will breed various bacteria due to long-term stacking of animal excrement.
At this time, the vehicle disinfection channel is required to prevent preventive effects, eliminate various pathogens, maintain the environment within the farm.
Vehicle disinfection is important in the farm
Friends who do breadamatology know that the key to the prevention and control of farm is to improve biosafety and strengthen disinfection management. And often do not pay attention to disinfection management during the farming process, often there are many problems. The emergence of vehicle disinfection channels can be effectively protecting farms from harm. Below, look at the importance of vehicle disinfection in the farm:
1. Farm often ignore the importance of farm and external isolation. Due to the service selection, poor management, the farm and the outside environment have become an extensive communication site in facts, especially pollutants, which makes the disease are widely spread.
2, often ignore animals and feces The importance of urine isolation. Ground-focused breeding mode makes the animal in contact with it, a small number of animal infections, and the ground contains nutritious manure, which is a good medium, so that it is rapidly reproduced, and the results continue to increase the disease. Vehicle disinfection The passage can be disinfected by the manure transported by the vehicle.
3, disinfection is not strong, ignoring the importance of disinfection. Disinfection is a key technical means to block the disease in a farm or animal. Its role is vaccine epidemic prevention, resistanceBasin prevention and control cannot be resolved. Signaling can sterilize, anti-virus, anti-pathogenic microorganisms in the outside, and their environments. Only by disinfection can reduce drug use costs, and disinfect the problem. So the price is cost-effective The highest health care. The vehicle disinfection channel can reduce the bomb of the bacteria.
The mechanism of the effect of acid inorganic acid is, bactericidal depending on the dissociated hydrogen ion High concentrations of hydrogen ions make bacterial protein degeneration, precipitate or hydrolysis, thereby killing reproductive microorganisms and spores. However, the corrosive is stronger and the penetration is poor. The mechanism of action of organic acid is that the bactericidal effect depends on the non-ionized molecules, and the bacteria will kill the bacteria through the cell membrane of bacteria. There is a killing and inhibitory effect on Gram-positive and negative bacteria, or can kill flu viruses. The effect is poor in an alkaline environment and is weak.
The alkali
mainly includes sodium hydroxide, raw lime. The mechanism of action is hydroxide ions to hydrolyze, denaturation, or precipitation of proteins. It can kill bacterial propaguts, spores and viruses have strong killing effects, and there is also a killing of parasitic eggs. Burble injuries, corrosive, not suitable for water disinfection, very easy to moisture and moisture, single ingredient, narrow antivirus, low crude product content.
Fire base disinfection defects, when there is organic matter, reduce disinfection effect; no surface activity; burns skin, eye, respiratory tract; easy to absorb tide, result in agglomeration, failure; corrosion metal, destroy the environment; Can be used for empty house disinfection.
is commonly used with formaldehyde, pentanediol, ethylene oxide. The mechanism of action is to make protein degeneration and play a bactericidal effect. The bactericidal effect is better than the alcohol, and has a wide range of bactericidal spectrum and has a killing effect on bacterial propaguts, spores, viruses and fungi. Hargulating organization. But use limited, irritating, toxicity. Long-term use will cause cancer, which is easy to cause skin epithelial cell death. A large influence in dirt, temperature and humidity. It is easy to generate allergies, which can cause asthma.
The quaternine salt disinfectant
is only effective for bacteria, almost invalid for the virus, almost ineffective under the conditions of organic matter, which is large toxic to aquatic animal.
such as sodium fluoride has strong bactericidal force for fungi and spores, 1% ¯ 2% iodine is often used as skin disinfection, iodine glycerol is commonly used for mucosa disinfection. The mechanism of action is, through halogenation, oxidationMechanical decomposition or loss of loss. However, the metal has a large corrosion, large amount, and is limited, easy to decompose.

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