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1 Research Background
With the development of the times, the improvement of the national economy has improved people’s lifestyle, and now people are not only asking for “eating”, but more important is “Good to eat”, “Good” here is not worthy of expensive, but refers to healthy, non-polluting. Based on this, the non-controlled product as an important agricultural development direction is attached importance to people, and the article will take the cultured cultured by the firewood. Due to the lack of effective breeding technology, the economic benefits of farmers have always reached a high level, so we think it is necessary to start from several matters that should pay attention to the crosses to pay attention to the entire coaverian level.
2 Scientific selection

The choice of farming site is scientifically, which is the most important part of Chai Chicken farming. Chai Chicken Breeding is extremely high in the surrounding environment around the farming site, not to choose a venue, which can be used as a burst of firewood. For example, you need to have a good ventilation condition, drainage performance, and high terrain, especially the surrounding grass, should be lush. It should be noted that the economic forest is not suitable for the breeding of the firewood.
3 Do a good job in feed for feed

In the process of cultured the firewood, it is necessary to attach importance to resources such as insects and forage, and scientifically develop the number of artificial breeding and the number of times, such as: daily The number of feeding of Chai Chicken should be over. The best feed eating period should be in the evening, which helps to promote the growth and development of the firewood, and have practical significance for economic benefits. However, there is a point that should be paid to: must do a good job in the health cleaning of Chai Chick, drinking water should be replaced one day, especially in the summer, the weather is hot, and more need to increase the number of replacement of drinking water, so that the price of drinking water is sufficient to prevent water. There is a heat stroke.
4 Disinfection work is done

As we know, the breeding of eco-staples is mainly in the form of stocking, then stocking will inevitably touch directly with the outside environment. In contrast to the ordinary chicken house, the aquaculture of the firewood must strictly perform various operations, especially when paying attention to the disinfection and hygiene efforts of the firewood living area. Typically, a week of disinfection treatment is required for a week, only this can minimize the reproductive rate of the pathogen, fundamentallyThe body of the firewood in the farm is improved. In addition, the choice of disinfectants must also have scientific, rational requirements, and the long time is only used with a disinfectant. It is necessary to use a variety of disinfectants, which can be used, and can be used, commonly used disinfectants. There are four types of options, are aldehydes:, for example, metallocetal, the type of anti-virus, whether liquid, or the gas of the gas, can exhibit a significant effect on the elimination of microorganisms; The farmhouse, this type of disinfectant can be completely killed around the pathogens around the farm, so it can be said that the sterilization of the sterilization is good; the effect of peroxide: this type of disinfectant is very obvious In addition, it also has the advantages of price economically affordable, only has corrosiveness to some extent, and is not recommended for long-term use; quaternine salt: such as Bio toxic, this type of anti-virus has a strong anti-virus selectivity It can thoroughly kill bacterial propagation and lipophilic virus. However, it is necessary to clearly, whether it is to choose which anti-virus agent must follow the principle of scientific use, and choose and match the anti-virus according to the actual situation of its own farm. Veterinary drug agent 1866.tv
rationally selected

In most cases, the first break of the firewood should be in the chick (seven to ten-day age). It is necessary to make a trick to the Chai Chicken before the opening of the production, which requires half of the upper and sorrows, cutting a third of the opponent, popular saying, this is the “groundbiary” that the farmers often say. In addition, in the two days before and after the Chai Chickens, antibiotics and vitamin K need to be added to the feed and drinking water, and the purpose is to suffer from bacteria infection due to large amounts of bleeding during the break. Also, in the next few days after the firewood break, it is necessary to prepare enough feed to ensure that the feed in the feed slot is sufficiently thick, so as not to break the chicks infected with the wound in the causing plastic bucket, thus Effective growth and development.

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