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Water is the essential substance required for life, and it is also the most easily neglected nutrient during the feeding process! The quality of water can directly affect the health of the cows, but will affect the quality of milk. Since it is necessary to produce a large amount of milk every day, the more 87% of the milk is water, so the high-yield cows are animals with the largest weight of the unit weight in the terrestrial mammals.

Digestion, metabolism, nutrients and metabolites transport, waste exclude (through urine, feces and breathing), maintaining body ions, body fluids and heat balance, require water participation. The total water content of the adult dairy body accounts for 56% to 81% of weight. The water content of the breast milk body is higher than that of the lactation (69.0% ratio 62.4%); the moisture content of the dry milk in the late pregnancy accounts for about 65% of the total weight. The moisture in the dairy body, 2/3 in the form of intracellular fluid, and the remaining 1/3 in the form of extracellular fluids, the total amount of water in the digestive tract accounts for 15% to 35% of weight. If the total amount of moisture is lost in the body, you can die. The body is lost in water, which is available in milk, urination, bowel movement, sweating and breathing. Moisturized by milk secretion is 26% to 34% of the total amount of moisture of cows (the sum of water and water content in drinking water and water). Studies have proven that 70% to 97% of the water required daily, from drinking water; normal conditions, high-yield dairy cattle is 120 ~ 150L.
Water smell, margin, physical and chemical properties, toxic substance pollution, constant and trace elements, microbial contamination, etc. will affect water quality. Cows are more sensitive to water quality problems, water quality changes can directly affect the amount of drinking water of cows, or drinking water, and affecting animal digestion and physiological functions. It is known that the main water quality factors that can affect the cows include: total dissolved solid, sulfur, sulfate ions, chloride, nitrate ions, iron ions, and fluorine content.

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