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Last week, the yak feed management was discussed, and everyone’s speech is very enthusiastic. positive. Thank you for your concern, thank you for your attention to the dairy farming.

Summer is approaching, I think that the city in the Great Wall should start to prepare the dairy heatstroke and cool down in the beginning of May, so the series of antipylation stress management issues. I hope to provide better ideas for everyone before doing this. Subsequent issues

Preparing to discuss management in terms of management in the development process and production process of cows. Still old, throwing bricks!

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Heat should be excited

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From the above figure, it can be seen that when the temperature reaches 31.7 ° C, even if the air is very dry, the cow is also in a mild heat. The state of the dairy; the environment of the dairy life is high, even if the temperature is at 21 ° C, the cow is also in a mild thermal stress. Thermal stress can directly affect the production indicators of the yield, milk quality, and reproductive performance of the cows. In this regard, the largest cattle field should be systematically considering anti-thermal stress treatment measures.

1. Armor cow is warmed against the grandmother cattle with a fan + sprayed mode. Under normal circumstances, the fan opens 4.5 minutes + 30 minutes of shower, and each time it is opened for 30 minutes, this cycle 6-8 times a day.

2. Shading sunscreen. By sunshade net, cowshed construction, shed transformation and other ways to prevent dairy life ambient temperature is too high.

3. Strengthen ventilation. Through the design, transformation of the cowshed, strengthen the wind and ventilation effect, make the moisture, high temperature air is easy to discharge, and use natural ventilation to reduce the ambient temperature. 4. Provide sufficient drinking water. Water is the most important nutrients, cool and clean drinking water that maintains the life of the dairy cows, and the water can provide the dairy food and reduce the temperature of the cattle.
5. Other. Of course there are other terms of managementI am here, I don’t have much to say, let everyone add. After a week, if there is no one to add the relevant part at the end, I will continue to add. Rating
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