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From the open eyes of the rabbit to 20 days, this time is called open-eyed (12 ~ 20 days). The opening time of the rabbit is generally 9 ~ 12d. The young rabbit is open to the development of their development. It is often open to the past, which is generally open to the 12th, and the endless-eye rabbit physique is often poor, and it is vulnerable. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen care. The open eyes of the rabbit have grown by the hair, although there is no integrity, but has a strong body temperature adjustment, and the rabbit in this period also has certain activity capabilities, 15 ~ 16 years old It can be free to enter the production box, and there is no hanging milk. Consultation QQ: 2627108897 Open eyes, the management is relatively simple, mainly three aspects: 1. Helping the rabbit to open your eyes, because of the eyes of the eyes, it has not blinded from the 12th age, which is to help it blink. The specific method is to scribe the eye with eye drops, such as 2% ~ 3% boric acid solution, and then rub it softly. 2. Frequently check the production box, supplementing the amount of rabbit breces in the eye of the shamp on the eye, therefore, often check the production box, supplement the replacement of the raw grass, especially in winter, pay attention to the clean and dry steering, Summer high temperature seasons can be properly removed from part of the rabbit. 3. Some of the phantom dichloro rabbits were eliminated in the big fossa rabbits, and they should be eliminated in time, so that they should be to give the growth and development of other Poles. Consultation QQ: 2627108897

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