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Select, first to choose the ewec and the ram, pass the exception, and eliminate the sheep and the sheep in the eating and the production performance, many times Choose, classification segmentation, insist on due to time (time), due to the production of the city (market situation), step-by-step principles, so that the structure of the flock structure is continuously optimized, and the economic benefits have been continuously improved. Due to the different varieties of each household, the number is different, the development is different, so the selection method is different. However, we must pay attention to the carry-out three stages of the initiative, weaning, the age and the reproductive performance and the proceeds of future generations.

The proportion of ewec selection was: the elimination rate of 15% -20%, the retaliation rate of 35% -40%. Based on the situation, the raft was introduced into Saffu, multi-Sait, Bohe Sheep, small tail and shewl, etc. After constant choice, its age structure stays 15% -20% in the green cattle (0.5-1.5). Zhuang Nian Sheep (1.5-4 years (65% -75%, 5 years old, 10% -20% ratio). The proportion of the eliminated weight reached 65-70%, of which 45% -50% can be used. Mother The higher the rain rate, the better the economic benefits.

The better optimization, then began to hit the breeding management of the flock science.

Economic benefits prefer, Most of them use the sheep. Rationally cooperate with forage, feed for feeding, this method can save animal husbandry, increase technical strength. Use a method of combining grazing and supplementation, in addition to grasping a lot of grazing, one is a large number of plants High-quality pasture and other high-quality pastures; second is a large amount of storage and silage straw; three is to strengthen the replenishment of lambs and Tianyang. Adopt flexible grazing approach, one is to grazing, divide the flock according to age, gender, size into small groups, each group The number of 50 -100 is not equal, fattening, biting Yang Qingzi group grazing, breeding ewes and raw raw sheep grazing in the local area; second, according to the feeding characteristics of the sheep, see the sheep When you don’t eat, let go of your hand, use the “full star” way to make the sheep eat so. This kind of “is familiar, tight, three”Slow” with two seasons slow (memory autumn two seasons to grazing slowly) and three persistence (persistent with group grazing, early return, second drinking water) and three stable (grazing, drinking water, steady) and four defenses (anti-running The method of green, anti-strap, anti-disease and anti-disease) is conducive to the increase of grazing and fetus.

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