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Time to the late autumn, the leaves are flying, and the strass is also full of mountains. How to deal with these deciduous deads is very headache. There are roughly three kinds of methods in current processing, namely: incineration, deeply buried and accumulated into fat. Relatively speaking, it is better to accumulate it, but naturally, it is not only too long, but it can’t completely decompose, which affects the quality of fertilizer. Is there a better way?
After years of practice, the fermentation of deciduous strass is high quality organic fertilizer with a fertilizers. One fertilizer starter can play a “deodor”, “rusted”, “insecticide”, “sterilization”. Moreover, organic fertilizer is made using a fertilizer fermentation agent, with fast fermentation, good fermentation, both high temperature fermentation, and low temperature fermentation, greatly shortening the production time, reducing costs. The specific method of operation is as follows:
1, the preparation of the gemacter: 1 to 1.5 tons of dry deciduous leaves, deadilla, fresh material about 2.5 to 3.5 tons, (preferably to break the leaves, brush.) Use 1 kg of fertilizers. It is necessary to first mix the fertilizer fermentation agent with rice bran (or corn flour, wheat bran) with rice bran (or corn flour, wheat bran). The C / N ratio of the fermentation material should be maintained at 25 to 30, due to the deciduous, the c / N of the dead, thereby adjustment. Therefore, a ton of submerged leaves should add one kilogram of urea (or 100 pound of livestock feces).
2, Material Building Heap: Basils will be built on the side of the materials, the pile of high and volume cannot be too small, the requirements: the height is 1.5 ~ meters wide, 2 meters wide, length 2 ~ 4 meters.
3, adjust the moisture. The water of the fermentation material should be controlled at 60 to 65%. The water is determined: the hand is grasped, and the finish should be seen in the water, but not dripping, and the land is scattered. Water is less fermented, and the water has a verge of gas, which will result in the work of “corrupt bacteria”.
4, start the temperature. Starting temperature should be better than 15 ° C or more (four seasons can be homework, not affected by the season, in winter, in the indoor or large shed), fermentation heating is preferably 70 ~ 75 ° C or less.
5, mix well. The gold baby fertilizer fermentor is a good (consumption) oxygen fermentation, and it should increase the oxygen measures during the operation, and mix well, diligent, and ventilation. Otherwise, the anaerobic fermentation can result in odor, affecting the effect.
6, the fermentation is completed. Generally, after 48 hours of material, the temperature rises to 50 ~ 60 ° C, the third day can reach 65 ° C, which is highTemperature, in general, in general, there will be a high temperature above 65 ° C or more during the fermentation process, and the fermentation can be completed twice, and the fermentation can be completed within one week. The material is dark brown and the temperature begins to fall to normal temperature, indicating that the fermentation is completed.
Organic fertilizer made by a fertilizer starter, not only has good fat, safe and convenient to use, but also has anti-disease growth, fertilizer land, improve fertilizer utilization.

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