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1 Celand An Overview
The cockroad is also called a head, a infectious disease caused by the fungi of the head. In summer and autumn rain and moist weather, there is no hair in the head, especially in the chicken, a yellow-shaped tissue. It is generally more infected or infected by skin wounds. In the case of crowd, ventilation and poor ventilation and environmental sanitation, it can increase the spread of the disease. Usually, chicks within the 6 months of age have less onset, and heavy variety chickens are more likely to infect.
2 Clinical symptoms and diagnostics

The chicken crown is a white or gray-yellow circular spot or small phane, and the skin has a layer of wheat bran latina. The crown is gradually spread to the neck and the body, and the feathers gradually fall off. With the development of the condition, the scales are increased, forming thick stars, tick chickens, gradually thin, anemia, jaundice, and hens have declined even discontinued. Visible in the absence of the acupuncture of the gastrointestinal mucosa, and inflammatory changes in the lung and bronchiography.
Diagnosis can be made according to the patient’s lesion characteristics. It is necessary to take a measuring tissue for 1 hour to 2 hours if necessary, such as discovering a short and curved linear fungus and spore groups.
3 Prevention measures

1, do a good quarantine when buying chicken.
2, do a good job in environmental hygiene, regular disinfection.
3, the feeding density is appropriate, and the ventilation is good.
4, found that the chicken is timely isolation, and the seriously sick chicken must be eliminated. The lighter first cleans the squid and dirt with soapy water, and then uses 1 formalin, and the Vaseline is made of ointment.
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