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Insecticides are unfamiliar than farmers, and fish are sick with parasites on fish, such as our common refers to ringworm, wheelworm, spore, taph. I found that there is a parasitic breeding household habit to use pesticides to insecticides. Comparable insecticides such as copper sulfate, enemy insects, ferrous sulfate, etc., these drugs can do a certain effect, but the body There will be a drug residue in the water body. And there are many farmers to reflect, after the insects have killed, the fish is not eating very food, the body is damaged, and the growth is also slow. Therefore, it is quite a large side effect using chemical drug insecticides. So, how should we solve these parasites?

In fact, insecticides are not the only way to prevent parasitic diseases. The parasites are also killed, always like the grass “wildfire, spring breeze”, the environment is appropriate, Parasite will breed and breed. Therefore, our key is to control parasite through prevention, replace the insecticidality with deworming, kill the parasites in the cradle, so that the parasite has no survival.
How should the deworming product choose?
First, the product should be true. As the saying goes, “spending money to spend on the blade”, after spending money to buy medicines, can real and effectively solve parasite problems, and reduce losses for farmers, that is worthwhile.
Second, the product should have no pollution. Used insecticide, the insect is killing, the fish is also damaged, the food is reduced slowly, even leads to death fish; more more, the fish is killed, but the worm is not killed; there is a drug residue The problem, the meat food that flows to the table is harmful to our human own food safety, which is not worthless. Good deworming products should be safe and polluted, do not hurt the fish, do not affect food, do not hurt water, do not affect food safety.

What is the resective product of real and pollution-free? Shandong Longchang finds music.
Long Changle Chang is a new plant extract additive made from Australia’s natural wild leaflet essential oils for raw materials, rich in active substances 1,8-eucalyptus brain to more than 85%. 1,8-eucalyptus brain has a strong fat-soluble, can directly destroy the integrity of the parasite cell membrane, making the permeability of the cell membrane change, so that the nutrients in the cell membrane are large, so that the parasites do not have nutrients Death, thereby discharging.
After clinical application confirmed, Le Chang can effectively suppressThe growth and reproduction of the disease, long-term use can effectively prevent and control the wheels in aquaculture, refer to parasitic diseases such as ring insects, spore insects, anchors, cilia, and eucalyptus essential oils are easy to biodegradation, no chemistry Reactivity, relatively non-toxic, can be reassured for long-term safety, is an absolutely safe, green, environmentally friendly, non-toxic side effect, no pollution, no drug-free newly deworming products.
Case of breeding customers:

Huanghai farming Tang boss, pond area is 60 acres. At the beginning of August, the squid was discovered to death, 5-10 deaths per day, and the microspores were diagnosed by the technical personnel. We recommend that Tang boss took Le Chang 100 to 300 pounds, and it was no longer dead fish after 5 days. After 7 days, the detection had no insects under mirror. Tang boss said very satisfied: “When the spore insects in the year, the drug is in the treatment of spore insects, but the effect is not ideal, the more the more, the more it is, the dead fish is killed to a few hundred, but fortunately this year is fortunate to use Le Chang. , In a timely, insects in the cradle. ”
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