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First, the pathogen is also called goose exudative sepsis or infectious airbag. It is caused by sepsis, exudative infectious diseases caused by Latecome Schosia. The bacteria is a Gram-negative, and the pathogenesis of goose (children) is strong, and the chicken and duck are not caused. The fungus resistance is weak, less than 15 ° C cannot grow, higher than 75 ° C, can be killed, suitable temperature is 37 ~ 38 ° C. Common disinfection drugs have a killing effect.
Second, the popular feature is only infected with geese, and the initial epidemic is easy to feel, and the epidemic is also infected. Multiple in winter and spring seasons. It is high in respiratory tract and digestive tract infection, fast transmission, incidence and mortality.
Third, the main symptoms of nasal cavity and oral cavity are not broken, sometimes tears, frequently shaking head, or rubbing the head to the front of the body, and the whole body is wet and dirty. Zhang mouth breathing, “mutters -” sound, spirit, closing, shrinking, the body temperature is elevated, loss of appetite, shaking whole body, squatting, squatting, squatting. The disease is 2 to 4 days. Light illness can restore, and severely die.
Four, cutting characteristics of pulmonary surface, airbag and tracheal mucosa attached to cellulose-free exudate. Nasal, tracheal and bronchillary mucosa, with a number of translucent exudate. Liver, spleen, kidney condensation swelling. Inner and outer membrane hemorrhage, some cellulose sore inflammation. The spleen surface has gray white necrosis. Subcutaneous, muscle bleeding.
V. Points to strengthen feeding management, pay attention to food hygiene, pay attention to environmental disinfection, and prevent cold and warm. Samples can be used to prevent this disease. Preferably, sensitive drugs are selected by the drug sensitivity test.

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