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In the actual production, we often encounter pigs and diseases. In the process of diagnosis of pig disease, we have passed general clinical examination, sometimes we are difficult to determine what caused by the cause, this time will work with pathology Clavulation, making further diagnosis.
So, how do you do it?
1. Observe

First recording the appearance characteristics of the pig.

How much is a mysteria, there is no trauma in the whole body, whether the skin has pale or flush, is there a blood stasis or bleeding, whether the eye is edema, there is no swelling in the joints, whether the nose disk is skewed, Whether there are necrotic stoves in the oral cavity and its surroundings, whether or not the groin is swollen and acted, and so on.

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Nasal disc skew

Through the observation of the naked eye, the appearance of the dead pig Detailed records, provide judgment based on diagnosis of disease.

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The ear is purple blue

Generally, the skin is pale, yellow dyeing is more anemia, mold toxin poisoning or hook-end spiral disease;

The skin is blue purple, generally due to the blood circulation disorder caused by the cardiopulmonary function of pigs, such as blue ear disease, pig depression, etc .;

If the skin appears square or diamond congestion Razus block is a typical symptom of pig Dan poison;
The phenomenon of swelling of the limbs is mostly infected in the infection of Streptococcus, vice pigs.

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The pig is facing the sky, dividing the limbs and fixes the body. When the live pig cross-examination, the blood test site is recommended to select the inner artery of the forelimb. If the neck is bleeding, the blood may pollute the throat and trachea, affect observation and judgment.

The throat is cut by the surgery knife, separating the soft bone and tonsils, check whether it has bleeding, necrosis or erosion, which is an important basis for diagnosing swine fever.

With the surgery knife, the chest skeleton is cut, and the cartilage in both sides is straight to the outer side of the abdominal wall, exposes the chest, abdominal cavity, and observes the increase in pleasant effusion and the increase of ascites, then further observe the heart, liver , Spleen, lung, kidney, etc. have no disease changes.

3, heart examination


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Look at the heart, such as the increase in heart-packaged liquid, which is caused by the septic disease.
If a corona fat bleeding or endocardial hemorrhage is caused by streptococcus or piglet.

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If cellulose is inflammation, there is a polygenetic pneumonia or a vice pigs.


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, such as myocardial necrosis, forming a stripe “tiger’s heart”, can be judged to the mouthpow-up disease.

If there is a caravan samples on the heart, it is caused by pigs. Heart hemorrhage, common in swine fever, blue ear disease, etc. 4, liver examination:

There is necrotic, bleeding, blisters, hardening, swollen.


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If there is a necrotic point, there may be a fake rabies or a pair of cold. If the liver is a glutinous blister with a thumb, it may be a cavail.

The surface of the liver is scattered in the yellow white herpes, and the pig fake dog can be considered.

The liver surface has hyperplasia, which is grayish and necrotic, such as the draft of milk, also called “breast liver”, which can be judged as a pig.

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If there is a soil liver, a ring, a red body, mold toxin poisoning, and hook-end spiral disease, and the like can be considered.
5, spleen examination:
Whether the spleen is swollen, bleeding, necrosis, or infarction.

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If the spleen is swollen into the original 2-3 times, it is caused by streptococcus or arcuate. If the spleen is serrated or bleeding, it is caused by swine fever or arcuate.
6, lung examination

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Whether the lungs are edema, Bleeding, necrosis, shrimp pattern, cellulose – free exudate, or no bubbles. If there is pulmonary edema, bleeding, it may be caused by a bow.

If there is a shrimp pattern, there may be gaspathy; if there is a dispersed meat sample, consider the vice pigs, bacillus, swine fever, etc.
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If the lung tissue is soft, the surface has a mottled pattern, the lung tip and the heart leaves, similar to the “nose”, this is a typical symptom of viral pneumonia .


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If pleural hemorrhage, rib pleura and pulmonary echogenesis, interstitial increased pulmonary edema, lung cut and trachea have a large white foam liquid, slightly blood It can be determined as infectious pleuro pneumonia.
There is a marble-like change in the lungs, and pig lung disease can be considered.

7, kidney examination Whether the kidney has a needle-like blood point, swollen, plaque sample, edema, blood stasis.


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If there is a large needle tip bleeding point, like freckles, you can judge the swine fever. If the kidney has fat degeneration, soil yellow, it can be considered a ring, a red body, and the like.
In addition, through the inspection of the gastrointestinal mucosa,Judging some diseases.

Candus, there is a button ulcer on the colon mucosa, which can be judged as swine fever. The gastrointestinal mucosa has a gray white or gray-yellow bran, which can be preliminaryly for Salmonella.

In the pathological examination, do not ignore each detail, carefully check the pathological changes of each tissue organ, and then combined with the surface characteristics of the sick and dead pigs, make the correct diagnosis.

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