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Spring is coming, all things are growing, the temperature is slowly raised, this time there is a disease is easier to ignore, that is, the bow-shaped body disease.

Toxoid is a parasitic disease of human livestock, and its pathogens are Gong Li bow, which is a protosciotic disease.
Characteristics characterized by high heat, breathing and neurological symptoms of sowing pigs, abortion, dead tires, fetal malformations of pregnant animals. A variety of pigs can infect, 3-5 months old pigs are most serious, and are more sensitive to young pigs.

(1) Clinical symptoms of pig bow-shaped diseases are similar to pig flu, so often being neglected by the pig farm:

1. The temperature of the disease can rise to 40-42 ° C 7-10 days;

2. The appetite is reduced or completely free, the kiss is dry, the stool is dry, the ear, the lips, the lower limbs are different or bloody.
3. Breathing, cough, often due to difficulty breathing, died of white nose and white asphyxia.
4. The long-term cough and neurological symptoms of pigs, some of the dry necrosis, some blindness.
5. Sow abortion has been premature pregnancy, and if premature birth can produce a piglet or dead tire, there is a circle or circle necrosis on the placenta.
The skin of the sick pig’s auricle, neck, lower abdomen, and limbs, etc., often have purple-red large flavor.

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Clinical manifestations of high fever (accommodation heat), breathing, fainting, skin temperature, etc.

The inspection of the lungs and the lungs have a gray white spot or necrotic stove; the spleen is swollen, and the surface has a characteristic of fresh red hi-shabbing points. Preliminary diagnosis can be made.

(2) The pathological examination change is mainly:

1. Pulmonary edema, lung small immersion, small impeller is filled with semi-transparent alkali-like exudate, trachea and There is a large amount of mucus foam in the bronch, and the lung surface is large, grayish orYellow necrotic stove;
2. The whole body lymph node is large, the cut surface is wet or the corneum or block shape, gray white or yellow necrosis;

3. The liver is slightly swollen, the surface is scattered in the miliary, Gray white or yellow necrosis point, the gallbladder mucosa is sometimes mildly bleeding, the surface has highlighted sesame grains to the hemp large white necrosis;

4. Spleen, vermiculum, kidney surface or renal pocket There is a ulcer stove with yellow bean grains, the center depression,

5. Bladder mucosa-shaped bleeding or diffuse bleeding, the gastric mucosa has a circular bleeding point.

Prevention and treatment:

1. The pig farm should do a good job in sterile sanitary work, regularly use 2% ample alkali, 1% to Suga, composite phenol and other disinfection.
2. At the same time, we must do a good job of mosquitoes, flies, rodents, especially pay attention: can’t let the cats, dogs enter the field. Because the cat is the only final host.
3. The staff of the pig farm, especially the salesperson and animal husbandry and veterinary technicians, should do a good job in disinfection and prevent infection.
4. Due to death pigs and abortion fetus, infectious sources such as fetal clothes should be harmless.

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