Perspective to the dog hair

Although now gives a lot of people to exclude, there are still many owners who will feel new and wonders. Now tell you the correct practices of dogs. Which. u=3131530873,2961768514&fm=26&gp=0.jpg
First, what kind of dog is suitable for dyeing

Generally speaking, long hair and light-colored dogs are more suitable for staining. The original grasp is relatively shallow, and the dye will be more obvious and the effect is compared. Shorthair dog, not suitable for dyeing, one of its hair is relatively passed into the skin, the dye will be more damage to the skin, there will always be some damage to the dog’s skin, and the short-hairy dyeing effect is not special good looking.

  • After the Pomeranian dog dyed, its friends Can’t recognize it. Lost the original life circle. Pomeranian will appear strange, lonely.
  • Correct practice:

  • On the one hand, you have to praise and praise it, let it feel that he is not the same as before, but it is more beautiful than before. . On the other hand, look at your food, measure the body temperature, see if it is because you take a shower, beauty toss is a bit uncomfortable to fight.
  • Disadvantages:

The formulations of the hair will cause different degrees of damage to the Pomeranian hair. At the same time, Pomeranian has a new adaptation time for his own dyeing.

  • :
  • Multi-dog dog going out to take a walk, so that the dog forgot the hair, the dog is color blind, it can be dyed after dyeing The smell is getting more and more light, it is not so much new, because the dog is an animal that doesn’t like to pick up your hair. In addition, it is non-toxic to the pet, even if it does not cause harm to its health.

  • Disadvantages:

Pomeranian also has a habit of licking hair, and after dyeing a pet, there is a big hidden danger. But if you encounter illegal tradersUse the chemical preparation to Pomens, then the body of Bomei is a deadly threat.

  • Correct approach: It is recommended that if you give Pomehen, you will choose to go to a regular pet store, and the Pomeranian dog can not be too frequent. Generally, it is not re-dyed at least 2-3 months after the beauty of Pomens, because the Pomeranian will always take a period of time for this body.
  • Third, where to dye, good hair
  • It is recommended to find a professional beautician to dye the dog. They have more professional tools and skilled techniques to make dog dyeing processes relax. And the regular pet beauty salon is a dyed product for dogs, which will not be discolored, and will not hurt the health of the dog.

These professional pet dyed products are very irritating to dogs, as a parent, we can use it with confidence. It is necessary to dyeing the dog to dyeing the dog. Some people are worried that they are dyed to dogs like a hair dye, after a color, there will be some days of hair, there will be The boundary line has become difficult to see, but also again. The fact is not the case, the hair of the dog’s dyeing part will continue to grow, and it will not form a clear boundary line, so you have to give it a completely ok.

You can prunerate it with its color and new hair length, which can maintain a beautiful shape before the stained hair is not completely cut.

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