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Collective pigs are hard to make a consensus of many pigs. The reason is many aspects; if the weaning time is early, the pig’s immune function is insufficient; the type of disease is more complicated, such as blue ear disease, Ring virus disease, pseudo-rabies, respiratory disease, gastrointestinal disease, etc .; different environmental conditions is also one of the factors; there is also a factor is related to the habit of pigs, that is, the exploration behavior of pigs.

Inquiry behavior refers to pigs to fresh things, and will take the initiative to use their mouths; inquiry, there are also people who have different people; but people are in touch, contact The lathed hand is ok; but the pig is arched with a mouth, and the mouth is tightly smashed with the gas tract and the respiratory tract, and the pig has been arched and will not take the initiative to wash the mouth, once there is a pathogen in the arches, it is easy to be infected.

Many pig farms are cycled, and because the pigs are frequent, a group of pigs immediately followed the next batch, the intermediate interval is very short; if in a group of pigs After walking, you can’t make a thorough cleaning and disinfection. The pathogens left on the previous pigs will not lose their activities, they will infect the next batch of pigs, and the pigs are very sick.

Sometimes, the surface of the pig house will clean, but there will be garbage in the gap; hidden pathogens in these garbage, will cause new pigs because of the exploration behavior of pigs, will cause new pigs Group of infections.
So, if it is the last batch of pigs have been infectious disease, after this batch of pigs turn, they must completely clean and disinfected; in the online bed, you need to pay attention to the slit of the drain board; The ground-breeding pigs, rough cement floor and walls are difficult to clean, and the use of alkali lime is disinfected, which is an effective measures to solve this problem.
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