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We often hear some feed salesman who say their feed quality, the breast pig can reach a pound of a pound, that is, the meat ratio is 1: 1; hear In this way, many pig people will be known as that is bragging, eat a pound of a pound, don’t you pull?

In fact, this is a truth that the pig is not understood, which means that the dry matter content of feed and pork is different; for general finished feed, dry matter content is above 90%; The content is much lower, the fat pig may reach 50%, but piglets often only have only 30%, with 90% of the dry matter for 30% of the dry matter can be done, not only will have feces, it will occupy a big section.

To say that the feed utilization is the highest when the pig is a child, because the dry matter content in piglets is the lowest.

Piglets in the breastfeeding stage, about 500 grams of milk daily, gain of about 250 grams; the amount of dry matter in pig water is about 20%, the following table is the porchen and common milk introduced online. Medium ingredients:

Pig primary milky% moisture protein fat lactose 73.519.342.2 Pig mainly milled percentage protein fat lactose
The above table is referenced, if the material is 20% in the production of milk Calculate, 500 grams of dried water is only 100 grams, while the weight of 250 grams of pig is weighing, and the meat is equivalent to 1: 2.5.

Now the technology level is very high. If you can produce a milk powder similar to the sow, the meat is reduced to 1: 2.5, it is also entirely possible.
Of course, with the growth of weight, the dry matter content of pigs is also increased, and the meat is raised; and the pig is also considered for health; but the pig’s feed utilization increases The space is still very big.
Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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