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Increased the number of births, the desire for each raised pig, only more production can live more, and can make more money.

The pig has a characteristic, which is a strong reproductive performance.
The first is the number of ovulation, each ovulation can reach around 20; if each egg is honest into live red pig, and each head can live, the pig can go out of 20, And many pigs, a pig, one year, can not have 20 heads.

Secondly, the pregnancy is short, only a short 114 days; if the early discontinuation technology, a sow can produce 2.5 fetuses, the 10-year-old piglet per store, one year can also produce More than 25 heads.
The third is a feature that is easy to overlook, but it is also one of us to make full use; remember that the past rural to raise the sows, producing thirteen or four tires is normal, this is also Other animals are difficult to match; now we can only use five or six children, not the cause of pigs, but our conditions we provide for pigs, especially during sports.

The fourth is early, the local variety will have estrus three to May, and the introduction of varieties will only take five to six months; even if the pig is populated, it can also see next generation. Born, that is, one year is one generation; this is not only for improvement, it is also very important for ordinary pig people; if you raise a sow, the sow produced is all deprecated, that three years later It is a huge population. Many pig bosses use this way to grow rapidly.

These features provide fundamentals for us to increase production; if they are fully utilized, it will greatly improve the breeding efficiency of pigs; if they cooperate with advanced technology, short-term, over-ovulation , Fine feeding management, phased feed supply, etc., let the breeding characteristics of pigs play, the resulting harvest will be unimaginable.
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