Pig coliants have parasites / phenamazoliivia powder

Polyphenazoliivacin powder Apatonazolaviosil powder
Main ingredients; Ivi, Abenamazole, Appetizing factor
1. Various intestines Duwi parasite such as nematode
aphid insecticormut, etc. and in vitro parasitic
such as mites, etc.

2. In vivo parasite in vivo in vital livestock and poultry

[Usage and Dosage]:
100 kg per 100 grams, for 5-7 days
1000 kg per bag once with
medicine, once again in one week
[Packaging Specifications] 1kg / bag * 10 bags / pieces

Pig coliants have parasitic / keta-propazoliiometrymein powder
phenamazolaviocne powder / drive Sworms / in vivo parasites / insects, nematodes, mites, coccidi, pilliaters, etc.

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