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While various nutrients, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, etc. need, is it enough in large-scale feed? Is it necessary to add a variety of rich food sources and nutrition sources like people? Article Source WeChat public number: Weiye Group (we update pig price information on time every day, market dynamics, pig disease prevention ….)
First, feed factory selected by feed mill
pig feed is usually from protein feed, Feeds of energy feed, crude feed, green feeding, silage, mineral feed and feed additives.
According to class: all-priced, concentrated materials and premixs. Article Source WeChat public number: Weiye Group (we update pig price information on time every day), market dynamics, pig disease prevention ….)
The full price is made of protein feed, energy feed, crude feed, and additives. According to the full price of the market, the total price of the machine is mainly used by the granular feed of the machine, and the part is a puffed particle material, which can be directly used for feeding the feeding object, which can fully meet the nutritional needs of the feed.
The concentrate is prepared from the protein raw material and the additive, and the energy material is required when feeding. It has the advantages of convenient use, suitable for farmers used in large-scale, especially energy feeds such as corn, at present, currently more than 50 species.
The premix is ​​a referred to as an additive premixed feed, and is a plurality of trace components (including various microal mineral elements, various vitamins, synthetic amino acids, certain drugs and other additives) to diluents or carriers. The intermediate mating feed product made of uniformly mixed by matching, which is an important component of the feed together with the feed.
Therefore, from the perspective of feed raw materials, pig feed involves multifaceted raw materials, pigs will not lack nutrients!
Secondly, how many proportions are each raw material?
1. Coarse fibers in the crude feed, the content of crude fibers is more than 18%, mainly including hay, straw, agricultural and sideline products, and dilathes of thick fiber content in dry matter. Leaves, etc.
2, the green feeding refers to a type of feed of natural moisture in more than 60%, including pasture, leaf, non-amstaded root roasted, water grass, etc. The crude protein and crude fiber content were not considered.
3, silage made of fresh natural vegetable feed with fresh natural vegetable feedAnd a silage of silage of a proper amount of bran or other additives comprising a moisture content of 45% to 55% semi-dry silage.
4, energy feed refers to a kind of feed of crude fibers in a solid matter in a substance, a type of feed of crude protein in 20% or less, mainly including valley, crititive bran, starch, root roasted category , Oil, grass seed tree, etc.
5. The protein supplement finger has a type of fritter content in 18% or less and a crude protein content of 20%, mainly including plant protein feed, animal protein feed, single cell protein feed, and the like.
6, mineral feed includes industrially synthesized or natural single mineral feed, a plurality of mineral mixed mineral feed, and a premixed material for mineral additives in a carrier or diluent.
7. Vitamin feed refers to a single vitamin or compound vitamin that is artificially synthesized or purified, but does not include a natural feed of a vitamin content.
8, additives refer to a variety of non-nutritional additive raw materials for strengthening feeding, facilitating non-nutritious additive raw materials and their formulation of feed production and storage. Such as all kinds of antibiotics, antioxidants, antiferromifiers, binders, colorants, ions, and health and metabolic regulatory drugs, etc. Source WeChat public account: Weiye Group (we update pig price information on time every day, market dynamics, pig disease Prevention ….)

The satisfaction and balance of each nutrients

Energy, protein, etc. are usually easier, but the micro Mineral elements, vitamins, etc. are relatively fine, and the general feed mills are used as raw materials for transes and dimensions by purchasing premixes. During the configuration formulation, for trace mineral elements, vitamins, it is also considered that those raw materials that are mainly providing energy and proteins also contain a certain micro-mine and vitamins.

Even so, this formulation that can still have problems.
For example, the satisfaction of amino acids. There are several amino acids that are not available from plant source proteins (please do not only eat vegetarian, some things, plant can’t do), and must be obtained from animal source materials or added separately. At the same time, even if the formula satisfies the need for the pigs only for the protein, the protein is decomposed into small peptides and amino acids after digestion, and may still be partially essential or non-necessarily when only proteins needed in secondary synthetic pigs.The lack of amino acids is required.

So, in animal nutrition, there is a concept that is ideal protein (completely and exactly satisfying the need for the need for protein, the digestive absorption rate is 100%), and the amount of the feed raw materials in this mode is adjusted. Make ideal patterns as much as possible.

In modern pig industry, feed is not a traditional shovel and bran. However, based on the scientific knowledge of animal nutrition, animal physiology, animal biochemistry, feed learning, feed processing, pigs, etc., combined with pig market prices, raw materials market prices, and operations. It is configured by professionals, specialized, considering the nutritional need for nutrition and premium, digestive characteristics of different growth stages, can meet the product of the feed products that target pigs only need.

In short, pig feed produced by the feed mill, is a nutrients, which is fully nutrients that meet the production stages of pigs!

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