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Do you understand, African swine fever is in Russia for 10 years. In 10 years, Russian pork has continued to decline, but the price of pork continues to rise, and the pig farm in this epidemic is profitable. What we are currently facing is so similar! So, we have to grasp the opportunity. Autumn is here, do a good job of biosafety, let the pigs are good, the future profit opportunities will be yours!

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System effectively killed parasites

Pig field biosafety system includes: isolation, disinfection, deworming, epidemic prevention, health, quarantine, and insects.

Among them, parasitic has strong reproductive capabilities (including spread non-swelphia), and is sensitive to dewormy drugs, and the propagation speed is very fast. If the insectomy work only focuses on the insects in the body, and ignores the words and the environment, then the biological chain of parasites (such as: ground, wall, ditch, breeder clothes, shoes, mop, mouse, deworm The dead corner of the residual, etc.) is not cut, the pig can be repeated infected with a small amount of infectious eggs, followed by spreading the parasite to the entire pig farm, resulting in a greater harm.

Under this scientific premise, “regularly deworming”, with “two synchronous” dual-tuples, the hazards of controlling pig field parasites are very effective. effect.

1, a period of periodic deworming mode

according to the growth habits of parasites, generally in the spring of each year (3 – April) and autumn (9- to October) The deworming effect is best. It is recommended to choose a drum inductive drug with long-term performance, which can break the breeding cycle of parasites, which is not affected by or less parasitic during the period of time between two regular deworms. (The life cycle of the insect is 2.5 ~ 3 months) about regularly deworming methods, IIt is recommended to perform synchronization with the following two modes.

2, two synchronous deworming mode

two synchronous deworming modes, refer to [full-time pigs synchronous deworm], And [pig body in vivo synchronous pestain].

The whole pig group synchronous deworm mode

When deworming each time, only the pigs raised in the body first. .

Before administration, the whole field raised pigs only fed a meal, and fits the drug and the metering feed to all the pigs at 6 ~ 8 o’clock in the evening. So mixed for 7 days. If the pig does not eat, a small amount of brine or saccharin can be added to the feed. Be sure to follow the instructions or doctor’s advice!

The pig is in vivo body synchronous deworming mode

After the insects of insects, insectica, in vitro synchronous deworming. Including 3 work: pigs, pig houses, pig house environment. It is generally taken to take a drug bathing animal method and a spray environment method.

Note: If there is a lactation, you should use a clean wet towel, wipe the sow sow breasts that apply a dried water multiple times. Drug water outside the sow.

3, inductoric drug selection principles and usage

During controlling the parasitic process, it is critical to select a suitable dewormy drug. Choosing the drug should adhere to the principle of “easy to operate, long-lasting, low toxicity, broad spectrum, safety”.

4, problems that should be paid attention to

1) After the pig farm is insecting, clean the feces in time, accumulate fermentation For the clothes used in the production, such as sweeping, shovel, and even lambard vehicles, they must be simultaneously disinfected. The pig house should be a cement floor. It is best to take into enter the sun, or Use 5% of lime water to disinfect the ground, wall, and feed to prevent parasites re-infection.

2), each feeding feed should be cleaned, fresh, strictly preventing mold, pollution. Protect a pig farm drink waterSources, stacks and garbage should be far from the water source to ensure water quality clean.

5, Different pigs only classifier recommendations

1), newly introduced pigs: rest for about 1 week After 10 days, the deworming can be contracted once.

2), primary sows: generally recommend deworming in worms 15 days prior to breeding. If the situation is more serious, deworming insects 25 days prior to breeding, deworming insects 15 days before the breeding.

3), pregnant sows: generally do not deworm, but if the parasites are serious, choose safe and low insectormy drugs, the drug is slightly reduced by 1/3, before childbirth 7-14 days, deworming once, preventing mother and son spread, preventing pigs from getting down on coccidia. At the same time, immunosuppressive disease caused by the worms can be relieved.

4) Production sow: 12 days after childbirth, the breeding of the breeding after weaning.

5), piglets first deworming: 20-30 years old reimbursement, resealed insects before 60-70 days of age, Isolated 10 days later .

6), bumped into pig: once every half year, 10 days later, replenish it once, no longer deworming within 1 month before sold.

Different pig farms are insecting, because each situation is different, there is a slight difference, and there is also a pig farm chooses a year of deworming (1 quarter). We recommend combining the work advantages and time points of the above models, find the most suitable insectormy programs that are best suited for your own pig farms, using truly effective inhataics, and adjust the plan with the change of the potential changes, is the insectife work The above selection method.

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