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The next session is simple to introduce some of the functions that often use, I hope to help everyone!


Application Scene:

1, the pig farm data is checked, and the sow ear in the pig farm and the ear does not match the ear number in the database. At the time we have the audience to copy ear, and the ear starts to compare with the ear number of ear and the ear information in the database. Compare the result, we have to quickly know the ranks of the ear wrong pigs, find it as soon as possible.
2, trace the association information of a certain sow. With the sow, other related information is queried, this work is critical to the problem of problem sows, because the problem of problem sows determines the result of processing, which requires query that it is in an abnormal state (return, Empty, abortion) Previously, the earliest breeding, remember not the last breeding. This way you can go to the depth analysis, the sow is returning or empty, and it is calculated according to the atmosphere. Now it is in an yellow body? ? ? Red body period? ? ? Do you need to inject chlorine or more.

VLOOKUP (who is looking for, where to find, return the content of the sequence, accurately looking for still approximation)

The first parameter is to be in the table Or the value of the query in the first column of the region.
The second parameter is a cell area that needs to be queried. The first column in this area must contain the query value, otherwise the formula will return the error value. If the query area contains multiple qualified query values, the VLOOKUP function can only return the first finding result.
The third parameter is used to specify the value of the query area in the query area.

Fourth parameter determines the search mode of the function, if 0 or FASLE, uses exact match mode, and supports disorderly lookup; if TRUE is omitted, use approximative matching mode, and require query area The first column is sorted in ascending order.

The earliest volume date is an example

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The content of the red border is very important information for the problem of breeding problem, including the date, exception type, abnormal number, abnormal date .

It seems that this data is very important, but the association of this data is not enough. The calculation of abnormal days is: the date of abnormal occurrence – the date of breeding before the abnormality. The correlation between data is still not enough. If this mother pig is a second time or even three times, if we can check the interval between every return, we can judge that the sow is the rule or irregular return, return. It can be roughly judging. The empty is true, and the empty time will involve the accuracy of the pregnancy test, check the skills of the story.

The extension analysis of this type of data will better help managers look at the true system reasons behind all the sow abnormal events from a more macro and system-wide perspective!

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Dark VLOOKUP function language in the red circle: I want to find A3 cell sow in the Sheet1 table in the SHEET1 table The three columns correspond to the value (the content referenced by the Sheet1 “is a breeding date). So the search is to find the date date of finding the A3 sow ear.

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So I have been inquiry for a long time, the sow can be traced back to an abnormal sow, the beginning of the real estrus and breeding (the first time after weaning, the first time to breed, date). From this we can make a sow, the sow is a yellow body, and the red body period.

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As shown above, if my breeding batch is actually ended on September 17, I can calculate which sows are just in the natural approach? Which sows are just in the hormone inaction? Which sows are in an yellow body? This problem will be better than the effect of sows.

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