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control body condition of pregnant sows There are several ways to implement. In several growth stages of pregnancy, backfat measurement has high accuracy, but the back is measured when the back is measured, and there is a technique of employees. The weight of the pig farm sow using the automatic feeding system can be recorded automatically, or records less employees. However, it did not give the composition of fat / protein in weight. When the number of cycles and physical conditions are related to the predetermined feeding strategy, it is easy to use by physical condition.

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Williams, MUHS, Wilson and Hill studied the effects of sows on mortality and reproduction. The conclusion of their research is a good condition of the sow and the number of weapon pigs provided by each sow there is a certain connection. This connection is shown below:

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This is the result of research on seven pig farms with unequal 1250 to 5,000 sows. The mother pig scores from 1 to 5 levels. 3 is divided into optimal. The result is as follows.

Pig farm% sow, good condition, more than% of the mortality rate of sow, every child, every child, is available. .824.6 Data show, more groups of mother pigs, lower mortality (R2 = -0.83); the number of weaning pigs provided by each sow is more (R)2 = 0.88). (Williams et al, 2000)
Dare sow age

The need for mother pigs on the feed does not only depend on the production and environment, but more important factors are their age and growth stage. The sow is in the second cycle, still in the development of maturity, when physical development requires additional protein.

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The size of the sow

In a group, the heaviest sow weight is about twice the weight of the most light sow. The sow size also is also dependent on the needs of the sow. When all sows feeding on average, the body is too small, and there are too many body type to eat too much, see the table below. When the monomer feeding, it must be ensured that the sow is fed according to the required amount.

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Conclusion: The sow needs to be fed alone Feeding strategies during pregnancy have a great influence on the potential production of sows. Feeding demand is affected by many factors, in normal mother pigs. Therefore, strictly feeding is the most basic requirement for producing a good sow.

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