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Now people will encounter this problem, that is, the pig is difficult, especially it has been transferred to the composing, and some pigs will not eat, or after weaning Severe negative growth, not only delay the output of the column, will also be immune due to malnutrition, and the disease is increased.

The root cause of these problems is because pigs do not eat when they weaned, and suddenly transformed into solid feeds by breast milk. It is not possible to adapt; this is related to lactation, and it is also milk with pigs. There is no timely feed.
During breastfeeding, eating liquid breast milk is a habit, whether it is a taste or form, it is difficult to adapt to solid feed, and do not want to eat a feed, it is also a normal phenomenon.

In all feed methods, the rag method is the best way, because the material is directly wiped into the small pig mouth, the pig is sure to chew and swallow, and will be familiar with it. The taste of the material will soon accept the feed; however, this method often encounters the resistance of the breeder, because a breeder is responsible for dozens of sows for hundreds of pigs, one, one, they will Tired.

If you learn pig knowledge, understand the pig has a life habits called post-acting behavior, the feed is much easier; the post-acting behavior is the latter learning ability, a pig is doing one At the time, other pigs will quickly imitate this pig; if there is a single or two piglets in eating a feed, other pigs will try to eat the feed, which will soon accept the feed; combined with us The dri according to the drops, a dozens of piglets, each time does not need to make each pig, but the pigs who are asleep will be wiped into their mouths, and each nest is two to three heads; because When the pig is sleeping, it is easy to open the pig’s mouth. It can be completed in a few seconds. How much time does not use dozens of pigs, the breeders will not be so tired, and they are willing to pick this method. .
So, learning technology is not a waste of time, but the sharpener does not mischigate, and it is half-mee.
Source: Old Liu Yang pig: Liu Dewang

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