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Under normal circumstances, the animals on the land are divided into three types, meat, herbs, eating, meat, tiger, leopard, wolf, etc., herbs have cow, sheep, etc. Most of them belong to eating, as people, dogs, chickens, pigs, etc.

The characteristics of eating animals relative to herbal foods are both meat as food, but also plants are food, and food is much wide; to pigs, all of the animals and plants It can be used as a feed, microorganism or even non-biological, or a pig’s feed.

This feature of pigs can be utilized to create more benefits for pigs.

For decades, because of the lack of food, many regions raised pigs as the main food, especially sows and shelf pigs; now pigs are mainly based on fine feed, such as corn, soybean meal Bran, bran, etc. Since the reform and opening up, there has been increased trade in foreign trade. Animal feed such as fish powder foreign fish powder has continuously entered China, making the pig feed.

The current pig man, in terms of use of feed, it is a very film practice, that is, excessively dependent on the feed formulation, no matter whether the north is still in the south, it is corn, soybean meal, bran. The Lord is neither a green feeding decades ago, and it is also very small to develop animal feed.

In fact, if it is developed, many animal plants can become a good feed of pigs, but can reduce costs to raising pigs, increase profits.
The green feed is a very good feed, except for vitamins and trace elements, the content of proteins in dry matter is also high, with energy feed, you can be high-quality fit feed, and you need to add The amount of premix or concentrated material is also greatly reduced; more importantly, the output of green feed is very high, the same area of ​​land, the nutritional value of green feed can be twice or more of food crops.
Animal feed is more easily utilized to pigs, and now people just put animalsThe type of feed is limited to the fish powder, so that many resources that can be utilized are wasteful; fly maggots are animals that are very easy to cultivate, many waste can be feed, such as pig manure, chicken, etc., if scientific The feeding method can make these waste to be utilized, becoming high-quality protein feed; to prevent people from worrying about the disease infection, the fly maggots raised by the chicken manure can feed the pig, and the pig manure can feed chicken, Avoid problems in disease infection.

Now the city restaurant leftovers and water, but also use as pig feed, but most of them enter the sewer, partially utilized, but only simple direct feed, no Reasonable deployment; if these waste is collected, it will become a very valuable feed source, which can save a large amount of feed and improve pig benefits.
Agricultural and sideline products and processes are also good feed sources, such as alcohol, tofu, straw, etc .; other people used vegetables, fruits, can also be used as pig feeds when the price is low.
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