Pig high burning does not refund the high heat mixed medium, give you recommendation

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When the pig is fever, there are many cases that often can’t fall after the pig fever. Why is the pig high burning and retreat, it is better after medication, no need to rise in the body, the pig begins after burning Do not eat, use some medicinal effects good, pig high burning is a viral mixed infection. Generally, there is no reason for high fever, you have to consider many factors inside. Observing the pig except for high fever, other symptoms, the skin has a series of factors such as red spotting, and ear of ear. After the diagnosis of pig high-fever, the preferred treatment of mixed infections. Here, Xiaobian recommends using the combined special injection of Nishi, a combination of the special effects, a needle. High heat mixer serum-anti-viral treatment of high-fever, and also has the effect of killing blood protrusion. There is a symptom. There is a high heat fever for 41 degrees. It is not effective with ordinary antipyretics. 2. Observing the pig body is white, eyes Red and red, red and swelling has secretions, individual cough, breathing is difficult 3. Pig does not eat, or less food, 4. The number of pig pulleys is reduced, the feces is dry, or when it is dry, it is observed after the needle. Bleeding, blood is relatively thin, shallow color, blood flow can not live 6. Pork strand bacteria, pulmonary disease, pig Divison, infectious pneumonia, epidemic diarrhea 7. Continue to high fever, continue low fever, the skin has a red hair 8. pig Legs, standing stable usage: muscle injection: per 1k body weight. Livestock 0.1ml, poultry 0.2ml, once a day. This product does not contain any violation of drugs, pregnant animals can be used with confidence

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