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In the process of raising the pig, sometimes we will find that the appearance of individual pigs does not have any trauma or abnormal, and the body temperature is normal, but it is vomiting for a eating, and then eat it. Many breeding friends do not consider this phenomenon, and they may have already got gastrointestinal disease.
So, what is the pig’s eating vomiting?

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Generally, common in the following three cases: cold stress, mold toxins and diseases.

First, the temperature is high, the pig is only discomfort in gastrointestinal discomfort, and vomiting.

In the process of feeding management, some pig farms only use the water water to drink water, and sometimes the water temperature in the ground water is low, and the pig is drinking such water, which is likely to have vomiting.

In addition, the temperature difference between day and night is too large, and the climate change has caused some stress of pigs, causing its resistance to decline, spleen and stomach discomfort, and vomiting during feeding.
So, we must provide a warm and comfortable environment as possible, reduce stress, and report that there is a pig farm feed pigs to pigs in the summer, feeding underground water in winter, there The pig is basically not sick.
Second, feed in the feed toxin exceeds the standard, especially the excess of vomiting toxins, often caused vomiting in pigs, and severely causes pigtotoxin to death.

Vomiting toxin is also known as deoxyxecinofeng alcohol (DON) or deterium deridium, often producing moldy corn, wheat, wheat, etc. in field field, will also appear in the feed storage, moisture Determination process.
So, the feed of the pig farm must store the genital, moisture-proof waterproof, if mildew, slight mildew can increase the rodent, then fed, then feeding, severe moldy feed must be discarded, It is forbidden to feed.
Third, there are some bacteria to cause pig gastrointestinal diseases, especially gastritis, gastric ulcers, and pigs with gastrointestinal diseases often lose or abolish, and vomiting often occurs.

Frequently, there are swine fever, infectious gastroenteritis, pig depth, epidemic diarrhea, etc. For many diseases that cause pigs with gastrointestinal discomfort, the key is to prevent. Once gastroenteritis, antibacterial and anti-inflammation is the top priority, in addition to eliminating the pathogen, but also to do the usual gastrointestinal care, slowly regulate, Get improve.

In addition, the feed particle size is thick or too fine, parasitic infection, etc. also leads to gastrointestinal problems, and there is a vomiting.

If the pig has pharyngitis, food will stimulate the inflammatory part, causing discomfort in pigs, and vomiting.

There are many reasons for the vomiting of pigs, and some vomiting is also normal physical reactions, but in the actual production of the gastrointestinal diseases, pigs are still mostly, and cultured friends may take one by one. Find the cause of pig vomiting and targeted or treated.

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