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Author: Ding Wanchao
often consult their friends pig fattening pigs appear inexplicable weight loss, cough phenomenon, and with the effect of amoxicillin drug treatment is not ideal. In fact, according to our experience, preliminary diagnosis is a pig branch of pneumonia, commonly known as pigping gas.

This kind of pig disease can be onset, but in the current season (the northern cold, the south is moist, the temperature changes in temperature). In addition, feeding management and sanitation also affect the incidence and mortality of such pigs. In particular, the individual pig farm has increased the feeding density of the pig group in order to give the pig house, but the pig house ventilates did not keep up, causing a pig.

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The main clinical symptoms of this disease are coughing, and when the temperature is low in the morning and at night or the pigs are driven down (after strenuous exercise), the cough is most obvious. After this disease, the appetite is generally changed, but if the secondary infection causes serious illness, there will be a high temperature rise and loss of appetite or completely. The most typical anatomical symptom is to appear symmetrical fleshy in the lungs. General diagnosis can generally be made according to the above aspects, and laboratory diagnosis (diagnosis) can be performed if necessary.

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The prevention and control of this disease should be launched from the following aspects, such as feeding management, vaccine immunity, drug treatment, etc.

(1) Improve the feeding environment of pig houses (rational insulation and ventilation of pig house), improve the air quality of pig houses (reduce the concentration of harmful substances such as dust, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide).

(2) After the diagnosis, select a sensitive drug. Penicillin and sulfonamides are ineffective, please use such drugs carefully. We recommend the use of Thai Miamatin, Thai Pshero, a strong plain, Enoviaxia, Too Too:

(3) The vaccine for pneumonia pneumonia is relatively wide. At present, the vaccine has both inactivated vaccines.Vaccine, generally inactivating vaccine is limited, and it is necessary to immunize 2 times. Weak disasters are relatively ideal, just immunized 1 time. Which types of vaccines are specifically used, the pig farm should have targeted choices according to their own conditions.

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The disease and therapeutic effect of mycoplasm pneumonia are also affected by feeding management and sanitation conditions of pig houses. If the pig farm has good conditions, the course of the disease will be short, the clinical symptoms will be relatively light, the mortality is also low; in contrast, the pig farm has poor conditions, the pigs are weak, and the disease is long, easy Secondary (mixing) infection, high mortality, and the pig farm loss is heavy.

Comprehensive analysis, we have always thought that good feeding management + vaccine prevention + environmental control + sensitive drugs are the sword of effective prevention and control of pig branch of pneumonia!

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