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In the process of occurrence of a pig, how to collect and preserve the disease is a problem that many pig farms are not clear because the pathogens of different diseases in the blood and organs of pigs. It is different, so reasonable collection and preservation of sickness is very important in the clinical and laboratory testing of pig disease.

A designer of common pigver sick diseases:

(1) Precautions

★ Timely acquisition of the disease should be carried out immediately before death or death, preferably no more than 6h;

★ Acquisition of organs in sterile collected;

★ Collection of intestinal contents or feces, the intestinal selection characteristics of the intestinal selection will ligature with the intestinal end of the manure, from both ends, the collected feces should be fresh, or inserted with a swab into the rectal mucosa surface collection Feung;

★ Foot-and-mouth hyperububble fluid, should be sealed in a sterile collection;

★ Whole blood coagulation sample, can not be frozen, should be stored at 2-8 ° C, save time No more than 3 days.

The time is too long, which will cause red blood cell rupture, affecting the extraction of serum, which will cause antibody activity in serum to decrease in serum, affecting antibody titers. So the collected pathogenesis should be added to the incubator in the incubator as soon as possible.

★ For a long time, the serum containing the virus, organ and feces should be placed below -20 ° C or lower, preferably – 80 ° C freezing preservation.
(2) Collection of content

1, swine fever (HC): mainly capture tonsils, lymph nodes, spleen, kidneys and serum.
2, pig breeding and respiratory disorder (PRRS): mainly collecting lungs, serum, tonsils, spleen nodes, feces, dead production and abortion fetal spleen and lung serum and pleural effusion is also the most suitable test material.
3, pig flow linear encephalitis (JE): mainCollect the brain, cerebral fluid of the disease, and the brain tissue, blood, secretions, spleen, swelling testicles (toxic).
4, Pig Cell Virus (PPV): Fresh organs existing in abortion or death fetus (brain, kidney, liver, lung, testicles, placental and intestinal lymph nodes), including mesenteric lymph nodes and The separation rate of the liver is the highest.
5, Pig Pseudohavisia (PRV): The brain and tonsils are mainly collected; and the nasopharyngeal secretion can also be used for viral isolation.
6, pig ring virus type 2 infection (PCV2): mainly capture lungs, lymph nodes, kidneys and serum.
7, Pig Skip Sports (FMD): Acquisition of non-cracking or just ruptured blister (fluid), animals who have caused new diseases can take spinal cord, tonsil, lymphatic nodes.
8. Pig infectious gastroenteritis (TGE): Mucosa mainly collects duodenal, jejunum and ileum, in the nasal, trachea, pulmonary mucosa and tonsils, and tonsils can also be separated from viruses.
9. Pig flow linear diarrhea (PED): mainly collects feces.
10, Porcine Virus Infection (RV): Mainly collecting feces and intestinal contents.
Second, the acquisition and preservation of common bacterial diseases

Materials for bacterial testing require aseptic collection and fresh The disease, and the preservation of low temperature (2-8 ° C) should be appropriate, avoid frozen. It should be sent to the inspection unit as soon as possible in the incubator.

(2) Collection content

1, Pork Barceliosis (Pig Pulmonics): Collecting blood, partial edema, lung, liver, spleen, lymphatic festival, etc.

1 Piglet Chronicle: Collecting Dirty Pig Pig Small Intestines;

2 Pig Powings: Collecting Dirty Piglet Small Intestines;

3 Porcine Water Cancer: Collect small intestinal contents and mesenteric lymph nodes.
3, Pork Chain Socha: Collecting liver, spleen, lymphatic festival, joint liquid, pus, etc.
4, Pig Pig Pig Hemacillus: Collecting the Surface Oxa Surface of Precursive PigsOutbound and liver, arthrosis, etc.
5, pig infectious pleuropneumitis: collect nasal, bronchial secretions and lungs.
6, pig salmon disease (piglet passion): acute cases can collect substantial organs such as liver and lymph nodes, and chronic cases are not easy to separate.
7, pig clothing, primary disease: blood, spleen, lung, excrement, abortion fetus can be collected by blood and sick pigs can be collected.
8. Pigramine Bacillus enteritis (piglet red daunting): Mainly collecting small intestines, internal organs do not necessarily separate bacteria.
9, pork disease (blood discry): Collect colon mucus and feces.
10, pig with red blood cell body disease: collecting whole blood, anticoagulant, common anticoagulant is 5% sodium citrate, and 10 ml of blood is shaken according to 1 ml anticoagulant.

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