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Strategy of breeding sows: Sun Ying Ying Source: pig apprentices
topic background

comes to breeding sows, many people’s mind is 8-12 hours after the vigil began breeding, interval 8 -12 hours two matching, the Internet to see a lot of articles are also mentioned. Write this article is based on another angle to think.

How much is the number of breeding times of a sow? ? Many people tell me that the average number of breeding should be around 2 times, and in fact, we will check out the breeding information of many pig farms to do some analysts, and many of the average varieties of the pig farms are more than 2.5 times, meaning more than 30%. The above sows will be used 3 times, and each increase in a variety will increase the risk of a sow breeding system infection. In addition, it is a cost problem, and it is necessary to increase the labor intensity of the federal staff because of increasing the number of breeding. It means that it will waste it. The energy spent on effective sow. So I have been doing some learning opportunities for breeding, and share some search information for your reference! !


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Shots of the sow

Main Timetable

Master a mother estrus cycle
1. Emotic, estrus,Emoticia and alternative;

2. General 21 days (18-23 days);

3. Almost 2-3 days, yellow body is about 13 -14 days, the ovulation period is about 3-5 days.
The duration of the second ovulation

averages 4, 5 hours, with a length of 10-12 hours. The ovulation duration of the mother pig is 6 hours, up to 20 hours.
Tickets Three ovulation start time

16-48 hours after standing. Generally after 24-36 hours after estrus, 4-7 days after weaning is 24-36 hours after estrus.

The start time of the mother pig’s ovulation was the first 14 hours after the start of estrus, the last 41 hours after the start.
Tickets Tour Southern Savory in the reproductive time of the sow

is 42 hours, while the sperm has a fertilization ability of only 25-30 hours. Sperm survival in the reproductive time of the sow is 20 hours.

Time of the premium ability of the premiums

The egg has a fertilization ability of 8 to 10 hours, up to 15 hours

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Breeding strategy is the best breeding timing

Recording the estrus status of the sow is very important! ! ! ! ! The sow is a must-have marker! ! ! ! (Detailed Description)

The breeding marker can help breed production, using a single-frame fork record, less than 4 markers means the estrus continuation is very short, more than 6 markers means that estrus is too long, these You need to record in the computer sow file.

The sow varieties of various pig farms, the system is different, so different breeding strategies are needed, not a thousand articles.


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