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Zhongnuo heart pigs fever: blood collection and testing is a routine work of the scale pig farm. At present, most of the pig farm veterinarians have been blood collection due to the limitation of knowledge. The following shortcomings of ear vein blood is: (1) Time. If you take a pig from the ear, it takes more than 5 minutes to take a pig, and a large pig farm wants to check 40 pig blood, and the blood samples should take 4 hours. (2) It is easy to fail. Because the pig’s ear vein (especially small pigs), pigs often sway in the process of blood collection, so that the needles that have been inserted often do not puminate them. (3) Blood samples are not hygienic. Many times, especially the pig is small, it is difficult to draw with disposable syringes. In order to this, many veterinarians use a needle to pierce the ear veins, directly use the Welly bottle in the ear, which is not met with the hygiene requirements. It is precisely because of the venous blood collection fee. Many grassroots veterinary technicians are for greed convenience to cope with their tasks. They often only take only one pig blood, and then dilute into several to check, causing not accurate inspections, delay pigs. The time of treatment, thus bringing serious economic losses to the pig farm. The intravenous venous blood is some of the most common blood collection methods commonly used by veterinarians. Since the relevant information is extremely lacking in this technique, many grassroots veterinarians usually think that this is a complex technology and requires superior operation skills. In fact, as long as you master the operational essentials, each veterinarian can master this technology. General veterinarians need to master this technology after an hour of explanation and demonstrations. Applying a prostate intravenous blood collection method, which can be more than half of the time, and the blood sample is cleaned. General veterinarians blood in this method, each blood collection 20 sows and 40 meat pigs, less than 2 hours can complete the task. Technical Points for Teveracelette 1. Select the appropriate syringe and needle. The syringe is typically a disposable syringe of 5 ml of specifications. Since the size of the pig is different, the depth of the foreclock is also different, so the needle required to use is different. The needle is too short, causing the front cavity; the needle is too long, may pierce the front vein. According to the Htinno heart boar, the male sow should be used for 16 # 50mm needle (this needle pig farm is not common, but many needle manufacturers have production, can findLocal veterinary pharmaceutical sales store Contact purchase); 30KG or more pigs should choose 12 # 38mm needle; 10-30kg piglets can be selected from 9 # 25mm (medical disposable syringe constitutive needle); 10kg less lactarium, should choose 9 # 20mm needle (another specification of the disposable syringe). 2. The Baoding of the pig. The male sow is bound to keep the rope, which is required to hang as much as possible, so that the head and neck of the pig is 30 degrees from the horizontal angle, so it is convenient for the blood collection personnel to see the blood collection site, but also protrude outward, venous blood Follow. Middle and big pigs above 20kg, from 1-2 breeders to take a pig (or Baoding rope), head is standing, then biased toward the right side; 20kg below the pig, can be 1-2 breeders Grab the insert, then keep back on the field. High-free serum octagonal antibody [functional sector] 1 for prevention and treatment of swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, blue ear, cyclovirus disease, pseudoal trace, fine virus disease. Viral, bacterial, immunodeflative diseases, have significant and unique effect on antibiotics, and can improve weak pigs and piglet disease resistance and enhance physical fitness. 2, non-name high heat, blue-ear virus, chronic germachen virus, cyclovirus, influenza virus, etc. continue to high heat (40-42 ° C or more), loss of appetite, fear of cold, breathing, breathing, gasping, With blood, the water is diarrhea, sometimes constipation and diarrhea alternate, the eyes are red, the eyeliner is purple, the early skin is red, the late stage is blue and purple, or the subcutaneous bleeding, commonly known as “red skin disease” or “blue skin disease”. 3, Bacillus, Salmonella, Anti-Anti-Porcelays, Bacillus, Bacillus, Bacillus, Hemorrhagic sepsis, via tips, pulmonary oysteria, infectious pleuropneumitis, bow-shaped burning, loss of appetite, spirit Shen Yu, red purple, breast redness, large shallow gate swelling, yellow pus, cough, diarrhea, etc.

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