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There is sometimes some phenomenon of rectal anal prolapse during the pig, in this issue, let’s talk about the problem of rectal prolapse.
Pig is recta is a disease other than the anus.

1. Causes of rectal
1. Disease causes:

First cough, the respiratory path of the pig farm is serious, the cough is too strong to get out of the rectum; second diarrhea or constipation, will Resulting in rectal prolapse.
2. Mold toxin:

A large amount of mold toxins can cause redness of the water.
3. Physiological reasons:

In particular, the sow is excessive in the production process, excessive abdominal pressure, uterine compression intestines, anal sphincter looseness, and the like.
4. Feeding management factors:

The feed is too small, the intestines are too slow; the sudden temperature is too high, too low, the feeding density is too low, the water is insufficient, the light is insufficient, the light is insufficient Stress factors such as biting racks, violent runs, etc., will cause rectal prolapse.
Second, prevention measures

1. Strengthen feeding management, disease symptomatic treatment, and strictly control the feed.
2. Australal prolapse, timely picking out separately, restricted forage, and take active surgery measures.

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Surgical measures are as follows: First prepared physiological saline, iodophor, gauze, surgery knife, surgery shear, penicillin, suture needle, Sewing, etc.

Then lift it, Baoding it, Baoding, with physiological saline, the intestinal tract and surrounding cleaning, the peasant intestines need to be smooth, if there is a ulceration, need to be cleaned up, then use The gauze is slowly sent from the anus, performing a purse sutter, iodine disinfection, penicillin sprinkles with anti-inflammatory, reserved defecation space. Intracted penicillin adds fish.

During the breeding process, it is necessary to observe the status of the pig, and have problems in timely treatment, and it is also a way to reduce the unnecessary loss of breeding process.

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