Pig Square Health – What are the methods of pigs in advance?

The pig structure refers to the proportional relationship of all kinds of groups in all pigs. In order to protect the smooth development of pig farms, reduce feeding costs, improve pig economic benefits, and must be scientifically determined. The main purpose of pig farm pigs is to profit, and its products should be low cost, high quality, suitable for market needs.
Pig has to rapidly, improve economic benefits, and take the following comprehensive measures:
(1) To buy pig breeds with fast growth, such as selecting a better hybrid combination, make full use of its hybrid advantage.
(2) Timely deworming and preventing diseases. Apatonazolavin powder can be used. The injection vaccine prevents the occurrence of infectious diseases.
(3) Reasonably breed. According to the growth and development rules, reasonable breeding is fully exploited to fully explore their growth potential.
(4) Pigging pigs using fit feed. This is the key to scientific pigs. Based on the growth of pigs, it is necessary to formulate diet according to the feeding standards, special attention to energy and protein levels, and relatively balance between various nutrients, to meet the needs of pigs.
(5) Reasonable control environment. The temperature is too high or too low will reduce the growth rate of pigs. Low gas temperature, increased feeding, more energy consumption, therefore the weight is slow, suitable temperature, the pig is 20 ° C ~ 30 ° C, and the adult pig is 15 ° C ~ 20 ° C.
(6) Reasonable use of additives. Byrorate, Bacillus Bacillus, Bacillus, Carrier, Authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fermentation – Quick Battle Products. Jianweizu, adjust the gastrointestinal tract, and regulate the balance of the flora. Each 1 kg of feed is added for a long time per 1000 kg of feed, which allows the pig to be left on the right left of the left.
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