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Common mold toxins make the pigs in tears, bleeding, low-food, etc., and harmful pigs must pay attention! Mycotoxin is a secondary metabolite that has greater toxicity to animals, humans and crops produced during growth. The category of mold toxins is currently more than 300. Among them, the most common toxins are yellowed, T2 toxins and vomiting toxins. These toxins are lingering around the pigs like a ghost, directly harming the health of the pig! There is a high heat of the pigs in the pig, and the symptoms of poisoning is 40 ~ 41.8 ° C, do not eat, dried manure dry junction without white mucosa, some have diarrhea, some vomiting, and vomit is eaten by themselves or other pigs. The urine contains white substances, the eyes are red or blue, and there are tears. Some pigs only drink dirty water and piguria, the symptoms of the wall and the ground, the urine has yellow and thick tea color, here there will be a phenomenon of drinking water, the skin is white, old sow and fattening pigs The pores of the skin have bleeding point, the urine urethral cement floor of the mother pigs forms white anteriolog, unsurified and neurological symptoms, and the drug is not died in post-duration.
Huangqua, T2 toxin, and vomiting toxins on pigs, the harm of pork is reduced to pigs or rejects and grows hysteresis, and reduces feed remuneration. Damaged and cancer changes affect the reproductive system, embryonic necrosis, fetal distortion of the sow, milk containing yellowlaxin, resulting in an impact on breastfeeding pigs (diarrhea) because Huangqua is extremely harmful, when the liver is damaged, There will be cirrhosis, and the bile secretion is less or secreted. The liver is hematopoietic organ, and there will be a decline in blood of the liver, and the performance of the skin’s white skin. When the gallstream is swollen, the pig group will have a high fever, and there will be low temperature symptoms when the gallbladder is shrunk. ZJTOO_ copy .jpg

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How much of the amount of yellow beni is 1 ~ 5PPM: the reserve sow is red and swollen, the fake estrus is greater than 3PPM: sows and reserve sows are not estrus 10PPM: conservation and fattening pig weight gain, piglets Acidal anal eight-character legs 25ppm: less small, newborn pig size small, new raw pig is redSwelling 50 ~ 100ppm: Pseudo-pregnancy, breasts, milk exudation, exhibiting signs of premature production 100 ppm: continuous infertility, ovarian atrophy is small

T2 toxin is harmful to highly toxic immunosuppressive substances, destroy Lymphitis causes sows to be low-quality, abortion or lower feeding capacity, vomiting, and even death allowed limit of 2 ppm The harm of vomiting toxins is the main harm to cause sows to be anorexia, refuse to eat and vomit 1 ~ 2 ppm; decrease in food, weight loss is 5ppm: 50 ~ 50% of the food test: due to rejection, the feed consumption and heavy weight reduction 12PPM: completely refused to eat 0PPM: Vomiting allowed limit 2PPM

Specific treatment pig Mode toxin poisoning solution liver is the main immune organ, detoxification organ, metabolic organs and digestive organs, once damaged, and then trigger a series of lesions. Therefore, in the current cultured environment, the health of the liver and poultry is particularly important. Enhance liver kidney detoxification and detoxification function: Longchang bile acid. Longchang bile acid, as an excretion, can effectively remove toxins accumulated in the liver, restore liver function! Deoxycholic acid in bile acid can effectively decompose endotoxin. Deoxycholic acid and bear deoxycholic acid can also promote a large amount of thin bile, so that the biliary tract is smooth, eliminate bile sprinkles, and play a gallbladder. Many drugs, heavy metals, mold toxins and other harmful substances are also discharged from bile, thereby maintaining animal health. I hope that the breeding friends can help, the management of pigs is very important, the raw materials are more important, so don’t ignore any details, and raise the pig. The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (www.lcdzs.cn), please indicate the source. Thank you ~

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