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Piglet shakes the disease and famous piglets congenital tremulosis, and jump disease.

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What is the symptom of shaking?
The sow often has no obvious clinical symptoms before and after birth.

The symptoms of piglets do not wait, if the whole fossa pig is sick, the symptoms are often serious; if there is only some piglets in a rock, the symptoms are lighter.

Shicking is bilateral, mainly infringes skeletal muscle, generally manifested in the head, limbs and tail.

Light only in the ear, tail, and heavy visible system shake, manifested as dramatic, rhythmic, paroxysmia.

Individual tremors are serious, the sick pigs are difficult, they cannot eat milk, often done due to hunger;

Symptoms slight sick pigs can be recovered within a few days;

After the symptoms are serious, it is still possible to leave a slight tremor for a long time, and the growth rate is slightly slower than normal pigs.
How is it formed by two?

Ring virus, pseudo-rabies, swine fever, blue ear virus, etc., by sows, infected pigs, infringement of the fetus The system is caused.

Especially swine fever prevention in late pregnancy during pregnancy, the pigs are highly “shaking”.


due to abnormalities caused by neopes, sows carrying invisible infection genes, boars semen quality abnormalities caused by gene variations Annual bobbin pig “shake”.


in the high-haika sow, excessive sow, sow, the piglet caused by the excessive hypoxia disease

Some piglets have been broken early in the umbrench cord in the sow.And thermal stress, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc. may have hypoxia, disrupting normal nervous system, and induces dramatic disease.
4. Nutritional factors caused

sow nutrition imbalance or biotin deficiency, etc., such as VB1 lack of neurological disorders;

Many pig farms like to breastfeed in the mother pigs, the early birth of the pig, sometimes cold, the sow is too small, the pig is often Screated by hunger, there is no chance to lose, crowded, tremble, coma, convulsions, death.


After the pig is born, the pig should suck the breast milk, which can prevent hypoglycemia, but promote the contraction of the monarch, reduce the production. Hypoglycemia, timely sequester (special effects).
Author: Zhou Jun Source: pig Online

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