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In the 1990s, my country began using gene lacking live vaccines in the 1990s, so that many pig farms have purified pseudohavispeus PR, but since 2011, pseudohaves have raised in the country. The pig intensive area is once again popped and brings a large economic loss to the farm. Today, I will talk about how to talk about the scale of pig farm pseudohadia. Welcome everyone to make bricks.

Overview of Pseudo Rambia (PR)

PseudoraBies, PR) is a highly contactive, acute infectious disease, vulnerable animals, cattle, sheep, vulnerable animals. Dog, cat, rabbit, rat, etc. Pseudoharvovirus belongs to herpes virus colicography, double-stranded DNA virus. Pigs are natural hosts of pseudohavir viruses, depending on the virulence of infected strains, the amount of viral infection, the age of pigs and the immunity of pigs, exhibit different clinical symptoms. The disease is easy to confuse the swine fever, and should pay attention to the diagnosis.
Second. Pseudohavis diseases in the main clinical symptoms of pig farms
(1) sow sow, production wood, dead, infertility, pig diarrhea, central nervous symptoms (small pig); (2) post-mortality High: The death rate before weaning is almost 100%; 5-9 weeks old is less than 10%; a slightly largest pig is less than 2%; (3) the pig is a cough, sneeze; ⑷ skin disease, itching (not many)

Three. Pseudohadia’s chronic performance
(1) The growth and fertilizer phase is expressed as pneumonia; (2) mother-in-body antibody can last until 15 weeks, but the protective force of the mother-induced antibody is only maintained until 6-12 weeks; (3) Mixed immunosuppression is easy to form a mixed infection with other diseases; the sows may be very stable, but growing fatty pigs can easily produce viruses;

Four. Communication characteristics of pseudo rabies
(1) Pig spread: latent infection, will discharge viruses under stress; (2) Communication in pollutants: transport truck, boots, environment; (3) can spread 3 km from air; ⑷⑷ ⑷ ⑷ 单 场 场 场Circular /Regional immunity is required.

Five. The characteristics of pig infection of pseudo rabies
(1) Detoxification during the period of 10-14 days; (2) virus can latency in neuronic tissue (trigeminal neurons); (3) lifetime infection; ⑷ Current recurrence; PCR technology can detect latent infections.

6. The overall disease situation after infection with pseudohaves
Sometimes the overall lesion or symptoms are met; the liver and spleen will find a white nodular lesion during anatomy; nasal / tonsil necrosis (but not Common); pulmonary edema; pneumonia, meningitis, etc .; facial skin disease is less. The laboratory diagnosis must take brain tissue to explain the problem.

Loss brought by pseudorant
sow breeding disorder; the mortality rate of piglets increased; pneumonia; immunosuppression There is also a large vaccine cost and the loss of market.
Eight. Diagnostic method of pseudorant
(1) Fluorescent antibody tissue slices detection, with brain tissue. (2) Serological testing: serum neutralization reaction (SN) – more reliable, measuring titer; (3) ELISA testing: sensitive, strong specificity, distinctive difference; ⑷ Latex gearization reaction test: Sensitive, but may now 40 times better).

Nine. The main gene of pseudo-ravine virus
(1): Lost toxicity after missing; (2) GG (GX): The vaccine is generally lacking; (3) TK thymidine kinase: common safety lack, after missing Inhibit viral replication; ⑷Gi (GP63): After the lack of virulence; ⑸GB (GII): benefits to produce protective immunity; ⑹GC (GIII): Sometimes it is missing, can be identified by ELISA; ⑺GD (GP50): Control the virus to cells The penetration capacity is important to immunization.
Ten. Immunization of pseudorabies
partial immunity; body fluid immunity; cellular immunity; interferon; prevention latent infection; but note that ELISA antibody titers cannot measure their protection.
Eleven.PR immunity is different from other diseases
Any vaccine immunity does not provide absolute protection; the immunized pig is still infected; the pig after immunization can also produce viruses; Pigs may also get on; the site should pay attention to the effectiveness of immunityEconomic, economically evaluation is more scientifically.

The benefits of injecting pseudorant vaccine in pig farms
can reduce the possibility of infection; Near 1000 times; reduce the opportunity to latenate infection in pigs; reduce the opportunity of the sow repeated infection.
13. Distinguished sow is immunized by sow, after maternal antibody
(1) at least the piglets can be provided before the weaning; (2) Piglet 8-12 weeks ago protected by weak, pigs may also infect; (3) The mother antibody will have significant potential interference to the vaccine; 10-16 weeks old immunity can produce high antibody reactions, but it is often not provided to provide protection; ⑸⑸ ⑸ 仔 腔 免 免 免 免 接 免 接 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免; 免 免 免 免;; 免; 免;;;; 免; 免 免 免 免; 免; 免; 免;; 免 免;; 免;; 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免 免; 免 免; 免 免. 免 免

14. Pseudohadia immunity
(1) Nasal immunity (3 weeks old or weaning): Local immunity will soon produce local immunity; there is a maternal antibody to immunize piglets; can block lurne Infection (2) Muscle injection (for big pig): It is convenient, but it takes a long need.

15. On-site choice of immunization timing is more important
(1) for sows: First, each year immunization sow 3-4 times, can stabilize the group’s immunity to prevent viruses; second, best Immunization from the calendar regularly to the sow group, within 3-4 months; third, there is no need to consider the breeding stage, pregnancy or lactation, all immunization of the sow.
(2) For the reserve princes: First, the reserve pig should be immunized 2 times before entering the group, 3 weeks of interval; second, only Hu Yin pigs transfer to regular immunity groups, infect pigs It is gradually eliminated, and the group is expected to be converted to negative after 3-4 years.
(3) Piglet: First, you must provide a variety of age paragraphs (3, 7, 10, 13, 16, 20, 24 weeks old) to provide value information; second, according to Infection time and the law of the milder antibody to determine the piglet immunization time; third, traditional immune time is 10 and 14 weeks; fourth, once infection occurs early, it means immunization early 1 ~ 2 weeks .

Need to note: First, early muscle injection immunity may be subject to maternal antibody interference; second, the nasal immunization in the born in piglets is not interfered by maternal antibody, but the immunity is short; Third, after birth immunity, if possible, should be 3-4 weeksThe nasular vaccination and muscle immunity were strengthened at 7-9 weeks; fourth, the first nasal vaccination was immunized at 3-4 weeks old, and the muscle immunization enhancement was sufficient at 7-9 weeks.

(1) Existing technology is simple and straightforward, it can be purified; (2) Pig, growing fatty pigs must produce a lot, all in full; (3) In combination, efficient immunity can be made of a production negative reserve, if the sow is regularly immunized, the rear prepared sow can be negative; the sow is immunized every 3 or 4 months; ⑹ ⑹ ⑹ 3 ~ 4 weeks old, nasal immunity; ⑺ Piglets are immunized at 7-9 weeks old; ⑻ Any new introduction individual must be immunized 2 times; ⑼ ⑼ ⑼ 感 感 个 个 个,;;;;;;;;; Clear.

Seventeen. Pseudo Randus Positive Field Purification Scheme (for reference)
Once a pig farm is diagnosed with a false rabies, take a series of measures to control the epidemic, after a year or so, you can make fattening Pig negative. Including strict biosafety measures, effective vaccine control programs, the pig farm must adhere to the implementation of pseudo flexible and purification measures.
First, strict biosafety measures.
1, advocate self-supporting, such as exotic semen, must ensure that PR / PRRS dual negative. 2, simultaneously do pig farm mice, mouse is a pseudohadia virus. It is important to disseminate media; In summer] can survive 3 weeks [winter length 8-15 weeks]. For PRV-sensitive disinfectants include iodine, 2% sodium hydroxide, 5% phenol, etc .; 4, pig farms are also very important to the treatment of death piglets, must take incineration, digging deep pits, broken down, dispense, prohibiting wild I am free to discard.
Second, an effective vaccine control scheme.
Vaccine immunity can greatly reduce the amount of positive pigment in the field, prevent latent infection of lactating pigs, and reduce clinical symptoms. The use of plague is a way in the way, 3-4 times per year. The pig farm chooses the excellent pseudorant vaccine on the market. Different vaccine protection effects are indeed inconsistent. According to the authority of domestic testing agencies, some vaccine sows have a maximum of 1:32 in 6 months after immunization of a vaccine. Some vaccines and antibody titersReaching 1: 256, the phase difference is 7 to 8 times, so the vaccine immunization of high and antibodies is important.
Third, the pig farm should adhere to the pseudo-ravage purification direction.

Many pig farm sow IgE positive rates are close to 100%. In the case of not affecting production, they can be continuously introduced by adjusting the immunoassay, strengthening immunity, reducing the positive rate of fattening pigs and rear preparation pigs. Reserve pigs will gradually reduce the positive rate of sow. A large number of laboratory test data shows that fatigate parents have the lowest in pseudo-raw pops at around 14 weeks old, and then infected again until the positive rate of fatfilling is 100%. Therefore, for the prevention and control of the pseudo rabies of the pig farm, it is necessary to pay attention to the immunization of fattening pigs. In the occurrence of the infected pig farm, it must be enhanced once before and after 14 weeks before, it can completely prevent the re-infection of the pseudohadia to ensure the negative state of pseudo fans in the later period of fattening.
In short, in the pseudohadia epidemic zone, it must be vigilant and take a quick and accurate diagnosis method. At the same time, for the diseased pig farms, it is necessary to adhere to the pseudo-raw sickness purification direction. Well to use biosafety measures, using vaccines with high-spirited antibody titers as high frequency immunity, control the infection of backups and fattening pigs, and ultimately reducing the mother pigs through the continuous introduction of the pork after negative Positive rate. Pseudohadage purification work is far away!
Source: Pig Professional Manager, WeChat ID: Yzzyjlr2016

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