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People who have rushed to the pig know that when they catch pigs, a group of pigs is often easier than a pig; when they catch a group, as long as someone in front will lead, there are people to take back, These pigs will advance in the direction designated; but when they catch a pig, if this pig is surprised, it is difficult to rush to the designated position; some experienced breeders often go back. A group of pigs, let this group of pigs and the surprised pigs, and they will be easy.

It turns out that this is a characteristic of pigs, called group sex; that is, pig is an animal like a group. When there is a companion, other pigs are often more secure, not easy to be scared.
Pig is very orderless animal, a group of pigs come together, first, you will be a pig’s ability to compete for pigs. Once the pig’s head is determined, the pig group is more stable; but when the pig is, it is inevitable to have one As a decision, the final winner enjoys the special treatment of the pig’s head, and other pigs will also distribute the seat.

This feature is used in production, and it is also very useful; first is to take the least human to complete the task of catching pigs while catching pigs; secondly, pigs are in the mixed group, the utilization will be Greatly increased, when the single-zone feeding, each pig may take 6 square meters, and if it is a large group of feeding, it is often enough for two square meters; of course, when the mixed group is breed, the start stage should pay attention to the pig’s fight, because If you encounter two pigs that are uncomfortable, it may play a pig life. If the breastfeeding pig fell from the bed, the pig was ran back in the following, but the feeding personnel did not so convenient. It is often difficult to grasp this pig; but if you catch a piglet, people are squatting Next to the pig; get to the underground pig, hear the voice of the companion, smell the taste of the companion, will take the initiative to take the initiative; at this time, the feeding staff can easily grasp the pig, which is also a skill using the group.
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