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The pig has a biological characteristic, a large pig is afraid of heat, piglets are afraid; in fact, other animals have the characteristics of being afraid of heat, but implement this characteristics The pig body is because the pig is more sensitive to the temperature than other animals.

About this problem, to discuss from two angles, one is the heat preservation method of pigs, two is the heat dissipation of pigs.

In our livestock, pigs can be said to be a minimum animal; Mao is a very good insulation material, and other animals can prevent body heat, such as sheep, dogs, Chicken, etc., and pigs are more short because they have been fur, and we also know that pigs have a very thick subcutaneous fat, fat is very good insulation material; but the pig’s fat is just in the big pig. The pigs have just been born and a month of age, and the subcutaneous fat is very small; the hair is both small and lower, the heat of the body is easy to disappear through the skin, so the pig is very afraid of cold. The pig is cold, and the light is affecting digestion and absorption; the heavy people cause diarrhea and other diseases, there is a large area of ​​casualties.
The second problem is heat dissipation, and normal animals rely on four ways heat dissipation, respectively, radiation, conductive, convection, evaporation, radiation, and conduction are related to the vicinity of object temperature, in general, the temperature of these objects will The body temperature, radiation and conduction of pigs is all being carried out; the convection is to disappear with the heat of the pig to the air in the air, which is related to the air temperature and the air flow, and the wind is too hot. There is less heat dissipation, and the air temperature is low, and the air temperature is low when the air temperature is high; the evaporation is to rely on the water around the pig, take the heat of the pigs away; when the external temperature is high, the adult pig In terms of subcutaneous fat, the amount of heat dissipation is greatly reduced, and the demand of pig cooling is not satisfied, and the fourth heat dissipation is mainly relying primarily. Pig is a very small animal, sweating is almost negligible; if you don’t give pigs, it is difficult to evaporate, and the heat of pigs is difficult to spread;The heat accumulation between the pigs will disrupt the balance of pigs. There is a metabolic disorder, and the light should be thermally stress, affecting health; the heavy people may die directly.
Therefore, pig pigs must pay attention to this characteristics of pigs, and pay attention to small pig insulation and large pig cooling, prevent accidents.
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