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As is well known, the normal body temperature of the pig is 38 ° C to 39.5 ° C, in clinical, oligomatosis often causes a pathogenesis of the pig in the normal body temperature due to the cause of pathogenic factors.

There are many reasons why pigs in pigs, common nutritional disorders, poor feeding management, improper drug use, poisoning, and late disease.
So, is there a low body temperature in pigs?

The answer is of course affirmation, but premise must find that it is timely treatment to treat symptomatic treatment, can heal, if it goes to the late, the fairy is unable to return to the sky.
1. Nutritional disorders

We often say that you can’t suffer, and you can do poor education.

In fact, pig pigs are like raising children, we can also say this: Can you suffer hard, and you can’t take a poor pig.

If we can take care of the sow, the sow can naturally take care of piglets.
At the same time, choose a full nutrition, reasonable, good premises, good equipped feed, is essential for raising a good pig.

Nutritional disorders may not be displayed in time, but once there is more difficult to cure, it is not a chance to improve.

Especially the sows in the late pregnancy, there are many eating, large consumption, and nutrition main supply of fetal weight gain. If the nutrient supply is insufficient, it is definitely not conducive to the growth development of the fetus, and it will also cause the sow malnutrition, which consumes greater than supply, and there is a decline in body temperature.

2, fear of feeding management
Factors that are not good for feeding management are common in the temperature and humidity control; the feeding density is too high, and the management of rude and other stress is caused, resulting in a short time in pigs in pigs. The role, the body’s function is disordered, the body temperature is adjusted, and there is a low temperature condition, and the pig can cause only death.

For stress, first improve the factors that caused stress, while corresponding to the active pig muscle injection VC orDexamethasone et al. To relieve stress, severe muscle injection adrenaline first aid.

In addition, the new piglets have not been properly employed, leading to excessive cord blood, anemia, or no time to eat raw milk, resulting in lack of piglet energy, low blood sugar, can cause low body temperature of piglets.

So, in the process of picking up the pig, take care of the umbilical belt to prevent bleeding, and eat enough milk in time, it is very important to raise the piglet.
The situation is that there is a sharp utensil in the pig house, causing the trauma of pigs, excessive blood loss, and there is a low body temperature.

The point of processing is to reduce the factors that cause damage or discomfort possible to pigs. Once the source is mainly prevention, once there is an emergence, it is necessary to treat trauma in time, and use the medicine to qi and blood. , Astragalus, Angelica, etc.

3, improper use
In the actual production of production, we often encounter pigs to fever, sometimes low fever in pigs is the normal reaction of the body in confrontation, this time may cause Pig’s oligomatosis.

In addition, the sustained high fever will cause pulmonary edema. At this time, the river is mainly kidney, and then supplemented with a refund, if it blindly uses anti-burning drug, it may be overkill, causing low temperature, especially Nearly, amino-like forest and other antipyretics.
4, poisoning
The factors that can cause pig poisoning are common in organophosphorus poisoning, organochlorine poisoning, heavy metals (mercury, copper) poisoning, nitrite poisoning, mold toxin poisoning.

Once the pig is found to have a poisonous symptom, it is best to determine the factors that lead to poisoning, which is convenient for symptomatic treatment.
Organic phosphorus poisoning: lysphocyriescence, atropine.
Organic chlorine poisoning: The stomach and diarrhea can be used to relieve poisoning symptoms

Heavy metal poisoning: sodium diolpropanol, sodium dimercarability.
Nitrite poisoning: methylene blue.

Mold toxin poisoning: no special effects of detoxification agents, prevention, can be added to the toxins, and the toxins are promoted by the gastric lavage and diarrhea, while intramuscular injection Vc relieves poisonous symptoms.
5. Diseases
Various pathogenic factors may cause low-body temperature in pigs, such as bacterial diseases: parencho hypertrophy, streptococcus, viral diseases:Pig fever, blue ear, pseudohadia, etc., will infect pigs only cause disease.

General temperature in the early stage of the disease increases, if the discovery and treatment is not timely, the low body temperature will occur in the late disease.

Whether it is bacterial disease or viral diseases, it is mainly prevention, bacterial diseases are mainly anti-inflammatory, and viral diseases are mainly subject to vaccine immunity, and the specific conditions should be specifically analyzed.

In production, some breeding friends did not give the pig’s body temperature, which is terrible, body temperature tends to indicate the degree of development of the disease.

Once the pig has a low body temperature, it is easy to cause death, so we have to pay special attention.

In addition, for the low body temperature of pigs, the increase in body temperature is urgent, and sodium camphor sulfate, creatinine, coenzyme a, triphosphate, and glucose supplement energy can effectively alleviate the symptoms of low body temperature.

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