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International authority believes that the sterilization of the nipple medicine is the most effective way to prevent breast inflammation. In particular, the pill bath is very important. Some data indicate that the use of nipples can reduce 50% -95% of infections caused by pathogenic bacteria.

Currently, in the globe, washb (chloridane) and polyveridone iodine are the main components of the internationally recognized medicinal bath. At present, most of my country’s market is mainly iodine iodine, because of its good sterilization, low cost, and is used by the majority of pastures.

However, with time, the drawback of iodine sector also gradually appears: 1. Allergic phenomenon in the process of use. 2, in addition, long-term use, pathogenic resistance, iodine medicine bath fluid sterilization decrease, plus unregulated use, causing many pastures to control the prevention and treatment of breastitis.

3, in order to achieve a quick-drying effect, most of the iodine agent contain alcohol, accelerate the evaporation of moisture, and take away a large amount of moisture in the skin. Long-term use of this medicinal bath, easy to cause rough, dry, and more glycerol can not make up. 4, although the transmissive test has not yet been detected by iodine residues, today, this problem is more and more people’s words, and the test is a morning and evening.

5, many iodine preparations contain nonylphenol (NPE). It uses iodine to increase the stability of free iodine. NPE is called environmental hormones, non-biodegradable, with aquatic biomassility. The most serious is that its chemical structure is similar to estrogen, so it may interfere with endocrine, and the infants and young children with a large amount of milk per day are very serious. Europe has been banned 10 years ago, and the United States has also begun to strictly limit certain residues of dairy products. The recent goal is NPE.

Where is the future of the nipple medicine? First: iodine (NPE) iodine preparation second: free iodine medicine bath, such as lactic acid, wash, main ingredients, often used as surgery disinfection), care for nipples, prolong cows Service period, sustainable development, environmentally friendly.

The recommended medicine bath is used to replace it regularly, mainly to prevent the pharmacy from resistance. Some of the domestic pastures have been doing this.. In addition, according to the actual, iodine preparation and washmat, or use a non-iodine-based tank. More dairy questions consult, more interactive topics, consultation 13832347594.

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