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When the temperature difference between day and night changes, especially in the winter festival, the temperature difference is more than 3 ° C above 3 ° C, or the temperature is high, and more accompanied by high wind weather or when it is stopped. In this environment, then the anti-disease resistance and resistance ability is low, and the spread of epidemic diseases is propagated and broke out.

Common epidemic diseases are: wind cold; damp heat in warm disease, specifically, some of the stereotypes; plague (mainly gentle flu New city evolution). In the above problems, the most commonly critical incidence is cold stress. In our breeding, if the cold stress can be avoided, these epidemics will not occur, even if the condition occurs, it is relatively light, easy to control and treatment. What should I understand for “cold” in cold stress?

Cold medium and cold

In breeding production, coldness is mostly intuitive Decline, such as the ambient temperature in the poultry house, there is a relatively large temperature difference, or the temperature difference between the local ambient temperature is short-time. Cool is the intuitive drop of temperature, and cold? It is the feeling of poultry in this environment, which is the objective existence of temperature reduction in the changes in skin at home poutern.

Anti-cold stress measures

During daily breeding, the purpose of avoiding cold stress is achieved by usual breeding management, such as taking effective Insulation, heating measures, controlling the temperature difference in the birdhouse in the range of 1-2 ° C. However, in the actual breeding process, people are always difficult to avoid mistakes, so single-relying management is unable to ensure that cold stress, so they have to be added with a layer of insurance, that is, use ginger + brown sugar to boil the poultry group.

Ginger has the effect of divergent, temperature and lung, warm and nausea. It is possible to remove the wind of the poultry sheet to avoid the wind and invading the body, causing a disease. Poultry is positive, joining the cold, it will cause cough, sputum, and use ginger to reduce the damage and spasm of tracheal lung, inhibit the increase in sputum.

brown sugar has the effect of complementing cold, spleen and stomach, promoting blood circulation, warm blood, no matter how cold cold is still wind and cold, will cause kidney deficiency in poultry, using brown sugar ,easeKidney lesions. At the same time, the cold will cause the poultry or some viscera of blood stasis, brown sugar can be activated blood stasis, and there is a positive role in the treatment of blood stasis.

Although ginger red sugar boiled water does not get the treatment effect of veterinary drugs on diseases such as colds, but can be effectively prevented, and the treatment of diseases such as cold colds has a positive role.

The specific usage of ginger red sugar is as follows:

Put the ginger chopping, add water in the pot 3-5 minutes, cook two times, and combine the water two boiled water, the remaining slag can be used to mix.

Add brown sugar to ginger water and stir evenly, and then drink it when the temperature is suitable.

ginger plus red sugar water, can use 2-3 days when the vaccine has changed before and after the vaccine immunity, and uses 2-3 days.

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