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In August 2018, the African swine fever (ASF) swept the numerous pig farms, and eventually, the phenomenon of the audience was not in a small number, and during the time, Feed and veterinary drug sales staff, some experts scholars and veterinary persons are boiling, and therefore, the farmers they are, and they don’t know where they are.

The panic psychology also allows some farmers to blindly listen, to prevent treatment, plus the diagnosis of African swine fever must be detected by the national designated laboratory, and the national designated laboratory rarely Plus the pollution that may be brought to the test, making many diseases misdiagnosed as African swine fever.

Thus, it is necessary to figure out the identification of ASF and other pigs in typical semage, similar to collateral disease, is very necessary: ​​

When there is clinical suspected ASF in the breeding link;
(2) Clinical suspected ASF cases are negative by laboratory, and it is necessary to diagnose the disease in the pathogenesis.

Hereinafter, the author summarizes the differential diagnosis methods of ASF and other pigs in a typical spectriotic spectriot, so that veterinary personnel in the farming first-line are in early, fast, strict, and small principles. Pig disease occurs reasonably.

1. What is African swine fever?
African swine fever (ASF) is an acute, thermal, highly contact infectious disease caused by African swine fever infections, and animal diseases reported by the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) statutory report. my country is listed as a class of animal diseases.
2. The history of African swine fever

In 1921, the East African countries were confirmed for the first time in African swine fever. After that, in 1957, in 1971, in 1971, in 2007, Georgia, which spread to Eurasia, quickly passed to Russia, and recovered in Caucasus. In 2012, it was passed to Ukraine and in 2013 in Belarus. In 2014, in Poland, Lithuania, pulling offVia, Estonia, introduced to Moldova in 2016, introduced into Czech Republic, Romania in 2017.
In August 2018, I passed my country Liaoning (2018.8.1, African swine fever in the five-five communities in Shenyang New District, Shenyang City, is the first African swine fever epidemic in my country).
3. Clinical symptoms of African swine fever?

African swine fever is 5-19 days, and severe cases are generally dead 2-10 days after infection, depending on the degree of clinical symptoms, it can be divided into supergraphic, acute type, subaraci-chronicity and chronic type.
Super acute type: Sudden death in asymptomatic.
Acute type: high temperature rises to 42 ° C, depressed, anorexia, ear, limbs, abdominal skin has bleeding points, and hair. Eye, nasal stasis, vomiting, constipation, fecal surface with blood and mucus cover, or diarrhea, feces with blood. The gait is stiff, and the breathing is difficult, and there is a neurological symptom. There may be abortion at any stage of pregnant sows in pregnancy.


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Surgeys: Symptoms are lighter, low in mortality, long duration. The body temperature fluctuations are irregular, often greater than 40.5 ° C. Respiratory distress, wet cough. Joint pain, swelling. The course of course lasts for several months, some case rehabilitation or transfer to chronic cases. Chronic type: difficulty breathing, weight loss or slow development, body weakness. Joint swelling, local skin ulcers, necrosis. It can usually be survived, but it is difficult to recover.


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(Various poisonous strains can lead to abortion: fetus may be systemic edema; possibly in placenta, skin, myocardium or liver with blood stasis)
Caracian disease spleen: swelling Big, fragile, dark red to black.

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lymph nodes, especially stomach, liver, and kidney lymph nodes Swelling, bleeding.
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Surface bleeding on the lungs or blood spots.


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4. Epidemiology of African swine fever? Easy animals: people pigs and wild boars are easy to feel. Pigs in all ages can be infected. Sputum is a natural host and media medium of African swine fever virus. Mode of communication: African swine fever in pig – wild boar – miutomatic – pigs spread.

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(African swine fever may be introduced into our country)

5. African swine fever The harm of pig industry?

African swine fever causes pig death, once the incidence, the incidence and death rate can reach 100%, resulting in huge economic losses and social impacts.

6. Is African swine fever?

African swine fever is not a suffering from human livestock, not infected.
7. How to prevent control of African piglet?

Due to the current vaccine that is currently preventing the disease, prevention and control of African swine fever should be used to do the following: Strict entry and exit inspection and quarantine, strictly forbidden to take animals and its products into the country. It is strictly prohibited from importing pigs and its products from countries or regions with African swine fever.

Imported pigs and its products are supervised, inspected, registered, and disinfected, preventing mechanical dissemination of transportation tools.

For international flights, trains, sailing ships, such as international flights, trains, sailing ships in China, via my country or in my country.

Strengthening pig farms (households) epidemic prevention supervision and improves the level of biological safety.

Strengthening the supervision of the pig slaughter plant (point), strictly implement the subject responsibility of slaughter enterprises, and further strengthen the inspection of slaughter quarantine and meat quality inspection, and safeguard the safety of listed livestock products.

Prevent pigs from contacting contaminating feed, meat products, instruments, etc. in African swine fever virus. Stay away from the wild boar to prevent squeezing insect bite.
Once an epidemic occurs, take immediate measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic. 8. How to identify diagnosis?

To identify animal vaccine sickness identification with swine fever, highly pathogenic pig blue ear disease and ring viral infection. If you are immunized by swine fever, there is no symptomatic death, or there is a step-backed body, difficulty breathing, diarrhea or constipation, feces, joint swelling, local skin ulcers, necrosis, etc., can be suspected for African swine fever.

The four disinfection methods of preventing African swine fever

1. Empty pig house disinfection uses eight step disinfection law, ie “one clear two wash three bubbles four disabled, five fog six white seven smoked eight space shed “. “One Qing” refers to the disassembly equipment, moving the drainage, thorough sweeping the roof, dust, spider web, etc. on the window; “Two Wash” means washing the floating floating ground, wall and equipment; “three bubble” refers to the use of disinfectant soak The ground and some detachable devices have been maintained at least 24 hours; “four except for residual” refers to a disinfectant of the surface and the surface of the surface and the surface of the equipment; “five fog” refers to the comprehensive atomization and disinfection of the entire shed, so that the disinfectant is Roof, air, etc. fully contact; “six white” refers to a wall, ground, killing bacteria, virus and parasites with lime milk powder, and parasites; “seven fomates” refers to closing the door and window using aldehyde preparations, after a certain period of time Kill the pathogen microorganism; “eight space shed” refers to the disinfecting shed, at least more than a week, reducing the stimulus of pigs.

2. Pig disarficiency should choose a low irritating product, and use atomization to disinfect the pig shed. It should be noted: Winter belt pig disinfection should try to choose when there is a high temperature at noon, prevent pigs from catching cold.

3. Drinking water disinfection, drinking water, disinfection, can kill the pathogens in pig house drinking water, there is a significant anti-chemical effect on pigs infectious diseases and digestive tract diseases. Since such disinfectants are mixed into water, they are directly drinked by the pigs, so they need to focus on the safety of the product, as well as the appetite of pigs, and whether drinking water will be affected. 4. Environmental disinfection is disinfected with pig venues, doors, aid and transport vehicles. During use, many farmers will use a variety of disinfectants at the same time to achieve broad-spectrum disinfection, but such operations may occur in the neutralization of the acid base, but reduce the disinfection effect, so it is necessary to fully understand the product before mixing. Features, or timely consultation to manufacturers.
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