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1. Technical overview

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for beef gradually increase, but used for meat with bovine source shortage, beef prices rose, beef cattle A shortage of problems needed to be solved. In foreign countries, milk cattle is very common, and it is an important source of beef. According to the current amount of dairy, there are about 2 million milk prize, but use or the traditional beef cattle – the pre-hanger, the last time, the latch is mainly hyperfeit, there is no special dairy cattle fattening technology and standards. Therefore, the systematic research and explore the effects of crude protein and energy levels on dairy cows on the growth performance of the dairy cows.

The promotion of this project has solved the low utilization rate of milk cashfeeding feed, high feeding, and slow weight, etc. The project is implemented in northern my country, and it is of great significance for improving the scientific feeding level of milk public cattle. The technology belongs to the research phase of research, and has not been identified.

2. Increasing production

The team studied the effects of different energy protein levels on the production performance of Hostein milk bull shelf. The test is divided into two periods. Each phase chooses four different energy protein levels (low energy protein levels, medium energy protein levels, higher energy protein levels, high energy protein levels), and the results, it is found that appropriately improves the energy protein level of the diet Not only can it improve the growth performance of milk cows, but also improve beef quality, increased by 1.14kg to 1.44kg, relatively increased by 26%; the feed conversion rate is significantly improved, the weight of the beef cattle is reduced from 7.58 to 6.83, Feed remuneration Relatively increased by 9.9%, the slaughter rate of the beef cattle is raised from 51.68% to 55.35%.
3. Technical Points (1) Dai Ce Cattle Shelf Chronicles

Source-clear health shelf cow. The nutritional and mental state of the shelf cow should be good, and there is no spirit, and the hair is shameless, no shiny, gait, likes to squat or odor, fever, cough, diarrhea and other sub-clinical and clinical disease symptoms.

(2) Pay attention to the transition period, prevent the disease
After the milk cavern shelf cattle enter the field, it should be in the isolation zone, isolated on 15 days, preventing the introduction of the disease with cattle. After long-distance transportable shelf, the first drinking water should be controlled according to the size of the weight; the second drinking water after the first drinking water3 to 4h. After drinking water, you can feed high quality crude feed, second, and three days can gradually increase the amount of feed, and you cannot feed silage separately. The refined feed feed time should be determined according to the transportation time and physical condition. Generally, 2-4 days can feed the mixed-mixed feed, and the feed of mixed fine feed is less, gradually add. Dai cow is raised by a large size, and each cattle accounts for 5m2. The transition period is deworming, which is generally anovacin, and a medication is used to murderely various parasites in vivo. According to the epidemic conditions of local diseases, vaccine injections were performed before fattening.

(3) Fertilizer

Adopt phased fattening techniques, divided into two stages of pre-periods and later. By adjusting different weight stages of dairy cattle nutrition level to improve the production performance of milk bulls, it is recommended that the short-term fattest of Hostan milk bulls:

Pre-day grain nutrition level (DM): Comprehensive net energy 6.95 ~ 7.15 mJ / kg, crude protein 14% ~ 15%, calcium 0.43%, phosphorus 0.27%, crude 50:50.

Later, Japanese grain nutrition level (DM): Comprehensive net energy 7.25 ~ 7.35 mJ / kg, crude protein 12% ~ 13%, calcium 0.42%, phosphorus 0.27%, crude 65:35.

Recommended refined feed formula:

Introduction pretext (%): 1 corn 65, bran 5, soybean meal 25, premix 5; 2 corn 60, bran 8, soybean meal 5, Cotton rice 15, DDGS 8, stone powder 1, salt 1, small soda 1, premix 1.

Fasting post-fertilizer (%): 1 corn 70, bran 2, soybean meal 23, premix 5; 2 corn 70, soybean meal 5, cotton rice 15, DDGS 6, stone powder 1, salt 1, small soda 1, premix 1. The crude feed is mixed with a crude ratio (dry matter basis), it is best to use TMR day grain. The crude feed can be corn straw silage + alcohol (3-6 kg per day), or use silage or hay alone. Feed 2 times a day, free to eat.

4. Suitable area

This study applies to various milk cattle farms and enterprises in northern my country.

5. Note

Note, pay attention to the supplement of protein in the early stage of fattening, increase energy water in the later period of fatteninglevel.

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