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Preventive measures
1 Strengthen feeding management: ingredients are reasonable, suitable and have sufficient cleansing, dry plenty, and second, the normal operation of the ventilation system and regular disinfection, the sports field should clean the feces every day, prevent the pathogen infected breasts , The third is to ensure the balance of TMR diet, it is recommended to test raw materials, 3 days to clean a sink, replace fresh drinking water every day.
2 Do a good job in milking: standard milking sequence; the medicated bath liquid is now available; the top three milk is extrude to the three milk cups, don’t squeeze into the ground; standardize a cattle, strictly Niu Dynasty towel; After taking off the cup, the medicine should keep up in time. Strictly perform milking operation procedures, custom-time, fixed-point, and sake.
3 Regular examination: Regularly check each cow milk to detect crisis-free breast inflammation to prevent preventive treatment. It is appropriate to give the dairy cow to the dairy cow, grasp the law of the pathogenesis of milk bovine breast.
4 According to the number of old days, the physical condition score, the milk volume is strictly divided, and the postpartum health care is regulated.
2) Treatment measures for dairy breast inflammation: clinical breast inflammation and recessive breast inflammation, please use Bora 3, please use the specific amount of money according to our company’s salesman.
Baolai Lili 3rd is a micro-infection of special breeding micro-ecology, immunomy, antibacterial peptide CEC-38, Bacillus B7348, and its metabolites, lactic acid bacteria LP-11 and their metabolites. Yeast selenium, yeast zinc and carrier, etc. It has a strong inhibitory killing effect on highly pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria and Gram-positive bacteria, and has a superior performance of antibiotics with breast inflammation, reducing the number of somatic cells, activating immunity, and improves production milk. Improve the quality of milk. Green is highly efficient, does not produce any resistance, completely eliminating the safety hazards of antibiotics, and has an important significance for developing healthy farming and promoting food safety. Applying this product for one month, the impact of rigid breast inflammation rate is as high as 95.1%, and the number of dairy cells fell by more than 50%. This product also has the characteristics of regulating rumen and intestinal micro-ecology, promoting immunity, preventing diseases, stimulating intestinal mucosa immune level, promoting systemic cellular immunity and body fluid immunity, can prevent dairy cavernous metabolic diseases, limphoes, diarrhea, cold , Common diseases such as pneumonia. This product can also optimize the ecological environment of dairy breeding, reduce the concentration of ammonia, odor, etc., reducing environmental pollution, and improving the feeding environment.
哞哞 爱 3 3 is the first choice for the prevention and treatment of dairy breastsProduct.

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