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In the production of rabbit, it is often encountered that there will be a rabbit in 16 to 18 days after mating, and the breasts of the female rabbit expanded and began to laugh the grass, but I have waited for a few days. The rabbit output, this phenomenon is pseudo-pregnancy. Pseudos pregnancy not only delayed the breast rabbit, but also affects and consumes the physical strength of the rabbit, causing economic losses. In order to prevent rabbits from happening, the following measures can be taken:

1. Create a profile file. Take the spectrum of the rabbit, group number. The male rabbit, the rabbit establishes a reproductive card, making mating, production record, doing close relatives, uniform mature mature, changing the peak and bad weather.

2. Using secondary breeding. Generally, the rabbit farm adopts a repeated breeding method, i.e., in 5 to 6 hours in the first breeding, the second mating is carried out in the same kind of male rabbit. The commodity rabbit field can be used for double breeding, that is, after 15 minutes after the mating of the first male rabbit, it is mate once once again. Consult QQ: 26207108897

3. Strengthen management. Prevent the fare to excessively obese or thin. Don’t capture and touch your mother rabbit. The rabbit should be baked, and the female rabbit will climb other female rabbits after estrus.

4. Do a good job in tire examination. Temperature tests 10 to 12 days after breeding, in order to make timely replace, prevent infertility or pseudo-pregnancy.

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情 (Emotionally Pregnancy) [Chinese Medicine]

Effective regulates the endocrine system of rabbit groups, promoting the estrus of the female rabbit, increase the number of products Milk quality of the female rabbit.

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