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Premix, concentrate, full-price advantage, you may not know!
First, the advantage of premix:

Premix = vitamin + mineral + vector; additional energy feed and protein feed.

1 The cost of the premix is ​​low; 2 of the raw material controllable, corn soybean meal and other fresh; 3 health care, treatment, etc. is convenient. Disadvantage: 1 The labor is large, resulting in an increase in labor costs; 2 requires stock raw materials, increase capital investment, reducing funding utilization!
Concentrated material = premix + protein feed; additional energy feed

Advantages: 1 When the price of soybean meal can reduce costs properly; 2 When prepared, you can do not buy soybean meal. Reduce labor.

Disadvantage: 1 cost and premix are 0.1-0.2 yuan per kg; 2 protein content is low because the added soybean meal is low, suitable for feeding soil pigs!

All-priced = Premix + Protein Feed + Energy Feed; Cultivation, Mixing, Granulation, etc.

1 Feeding is convenient; 2 moisture is low, easy to store; 3 waste is smaller than powder.

Disadvantages: 1 cost is too high, compared with the premix, it is worth 0.2-0.4 yuan / kg; 2 ingredients are uncontrollable, because the composition of the feed cannot be seen; 3 After 70-90 ° C granulation, the vitamin (about 50%), acid, the activity of the acid, the activity is reduced by about 80%, and the xylase is reduced by 90%!

Second, different series proportional premixed materials Ingredients and features: Under normal circumstances, 1% of the premix can be referred to as a core, and I have a maximum of 1%, 3%, 4% and 5% of the premix. . Under certain extent, the smaller the proportion of the formulation, the higher the cost performance.


ingredients: vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, anti-molds, etc .;
Features: Improve feed utilization, reduce formulation cost, improve growth speed, ensure Livestock and poultry health;
use: large equipment and technical level, medium-sized feed factory

1%, 2%

Ingredients: Growth promoters such as amino acids, drugs, etc. are added to the 0.5% series;
Features: Save feed proteins, avoid the trouble of purchasing mono-amino acids and drugs to promote growth, prevent disease;
: use: in a certain processing And technical levels of feed mills and breeding plants

4%, 6%

ingredients: some proteins, calcium, phosphorus, salt, etc., etc.,
) ] Features: Add types, only corn, soybean meal, submert powder, you can formulate high-quality full price feed;
Use: feed mill, breeding factory and farmers
Third, premix processing technology points:

(1) Particle size: Production of feed additives or additive premixs, first encounter a process problem, that is, the amount of microactive ingredient is less, it is not disadvantaged in full price; only the volume of the microactive ingredient Small, can you add the particles.
(2) Vector: Increase the particles of the active ingredient, and load the active ingredient, which is integrated, and this material is called the carrier.

Category: Two types with inorganic carriers and organic carriers;

Capacity: The additive premix is ​​made of a variety of different capacity feed additives, thereby generating a hierarchy. This capacity is poor, and the appropriate carrier is used. The organic carrier is small, and the capacity of the inorganic carrier is large.
Adhesion: The better the carrier’s adhesion, the more the viscosity is easily. The organic carrier has good adhesion, the adhesiveness of the inorganic carrier, the vegetable oil can increase the adhesion of the carrier and eliminate static charge.

Water content: moisture is an important factor in the dissolution and damage of active ingredients, and the water content of organic support must control less than 10%, preferably 8% or less.
Microorganisms Carrying: The less bobes attached to the carrier. Corrupt molded materials, must not be filled with carriers.
Fourth, Premix Advantage Expansion:

Compared with the concentrate and full price, the premix can reduce costs, and there is a significant advantage. It is convenient to add auxiliary drugs to add health treatment.
Currently, a farmer friend may often add drugs for symptomatic treatment, and improve some additives such as farming efficiency. If these drugs, additives are replaced by natural Chinese herbal or probiotic fermentationWill you achieve a better effect? ! Take the main, raise weight, prevent weight!

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